How Long Does It Take To Walk To Holy Island? [SOLVED]

If this is the last leg of your long-distance walk (for example St Cuthbert’s Way), or you used public transport to get to the turning to Holy Island from the A1, the walk to the start of the Pilgrim’s Way takes about 35 minutes (1.8 miles) 👍 Please take this into account when you look at tide times and plan your crossing time 👍 If you are early, you can always stop for a coffee and a bite at the cafe and restaurant at the Barn at Beal, which is about halfway to the start of the crossing. The final stretch of the road is quite narrow and it is safer to take the walkers path next to it. You’ll see a gate to this path just after the turning to the Barn at Beal. [1]
Now, here’s the had important bitten: the main risk to drivers is if they try to cross after the official time when the tide is rising. Yes, there is some flexibility, based on weather, sea conditions and tide height on the day, but unless you’re a local with good knowledge of how the causeway works, you should never attempt this. About once a month a driver attempts to ‘race the tide’ and gets stuck, with their vehicle being written off, and an expensive rescue launched. It’s also the case that if for some reason you break down or get stuck in the mud, there will be no time to tow you away. [2]
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According to Marcello Beckman at, distance: 5 miles (8.3km)Time: 2 – 3 hoursLevel: Moderate to Hard (steep in places)Start and end point: Chare Ends Visitors car park, Holy Island.Points to note: Quiet route away from daytrippers and crowds on the island. Some walking on beaches and through, up to and on to dunes (quite steep in places). Can be wet from seawater in places. Options to visit Castle Point, Lindisfarne Castle, and cafés en-route (in village only). On the dunes, watch out for sand slippage, and your hands when walking through the marram Grass, which is spiky. Also, in summer, watch out for Pirri Pirri Burr, an invasive plant, which has spines that stick to clothing and dogs. Some areas in and around the dunes can be boggy, so suitable walking shoes are recommended. (edited by Nicloe Kinsey on December 7, 2020) [3]
Image #3 goes on to explain how a TIDAL ISLAND: Holy Island is linked to the mainland by a long causeway. Twice each day the tide sweeps in from the North Sea and covers the road. Tide times and heights can be accurately predicted from the phases of the Moon. Severe weather can produce offsets, particularly with strong winds from the North and Northeast. The causeway crossing times are forecasted ‘safe’ crossing times. Nevertheless, travellers should remain vigilant if crossing near the extremities. Climatic charts indicate that Holy Island, on average, is one of the driest parts of the country. It is a rain-shadow area. But yes, of course it does rain – sometimes! (emended by Dorrell Flanagan on February 15, 2021) [4]
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Both the start and finish of St. Cuthbert’s Way are readily accessible by public transport, or by car. Regular buses run between Edinburgh, Kelso and the start of St. Cuthbert’s Way at Melrose, and between Newcastle, Berwick-upon-Tweed and the end of the route on Holy Island. Trains from Edinburgh to Tweedbank (a short distance from Melrose) take 55 minutes on the Border Railway Line. The nearest airport is Edinburgh. Trains from Berwick-upon-Tweed take only 50 minutes to Edinburgh, or just over 4 hours to London. The nearest airport is Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Local bus services run between Melrose, St. Boswells, Jedburgh, Morebattle, Yetholm and Kelso, and between Fenwick and Belford. For further information on all public transport contact Traveline on 0871 200 2233 or see (last modified 9 days ago by Augusta Stclair from Jeonju, South Korea) [5]

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