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(SOLVED) How Long Is The Vasari Corridor?

After you’ve taken just a few steps into the magical atmosphere of the Corridor this atmosphere is interrupted, even if just for a few metres, as you reach the area that was heavily damaged by a terrorist attack commissioned by the Italian mafia in 1993 👍 During the night of May 26, 1993 a car full of explosive was set off next to the Torre dei Pulci, located between via Lambertesca and via de’ Georgofili, and 5 people died 🙌 Many other people were also injured 😎 Numerous homes were severely damaged including the Vasari Corridor and this section of Uffizi Gallery. Multiple artworks from the Corridor were damaged by the blast. Even though they were badly damaged, these paintings have been reassembled and are now placed in their original location as a memorial to the terrible attack. [1]
Today’s presentation of the project follows 18 months worth research, investigation and study. During this period, tens of experts worked to assess the Corridor’s current condition and to determine the best course of action for its restructuring. With an integrated network of lifts, ramps, and elevators to cross all sections of the Corridor that were previously accessed by steps, it will now be completely accessible again. For the first time, bathrooms will be provided in the Corridor. Low-consumption LED lighting will provide illumination, while a CCTV system will monitor the Corridor’s entire length. [2]
Image #2 Continued to say that the VasariCorridor Group Guided tour. Enjoy an exclusive guided tour of the enclosed elevated passageway that connects Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti. It runs along the opposite side of the river in the Altrno District, passing by the Uffizi Gallery. You will have the privilege to walk through the suggestive passageway, following the footsteps of the “Prince’s itinerary”. The passageway was built to give Florence a valuable jewel and was ordered by Francis I. Because it is dangerous and unsafe to cross the streets, the Grand Duke decided that he wanted the grand duke of Austria to have the freedom to travel between his palace and the government palace. It is a royal corridor that crosses the heads of Florence citizens. It is home to a stunning collection of paintings as well row upon row of windows offering spectacular views across the Arno, hills and palaces. You will admire the magnificent collection of artists’ self-portraits from Vasari to Italian and foreign artists of the 20th century. A face to face encounter with artists that doesn’t exist in any other museum in the world, a discovery that will print an indelible memory of Florence in your mind forever. [3]
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In 2016, the Vasari Corridor was closed for safety reasons. It is planned to reopen this walkway with special tickets and a new layout. As the Gallery of Statues and Paintings will reopen the Gallery’s entrance, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the stunning views of Florence. The route runs from there until the end at the Gallery of Statues and Paintings. From here they can walk over the Ponte Vecchio and reach the Boboli Gardens and Palazzo Pitti. An integrated system with ramps, platforms, and lifts will make the new Vasari Corridor fully accessible to everyone. After 18 months of surveying and research, the 100-page plan was developed. Jb Neumann updated the plans on May 17, 2020. [4]
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Many of Florence’s most prominent architectural elements are due to the Medicis, such as the Uffizi and Boboli Gardens at Pitti Palace, Forte di Belvedere (forte di Belvedere), Forte di Belvedere (forte di Belvedere), the Vasari Corridor and the Medici Chapel. Upon her death, Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici bequeathed the Medici’s large art collection, including the contents of the Uffizi, Pitti Palace, and the families villas to the Tuscan State under the condition that no part of the family’s collection be removed from Florence. You can argue that Florence is a great tourist destination because of this generous bequest. Delano Colttrell amended the above on October 31, 2021. [5]

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