[Solved] How Many Climbers Have Climbed K2?

While armchair mountaineers around the world await news that all 10 Nepalis are safely down, dozens of mountaineers still in base camp are left to consider their options 🙈 With fixed ropes now established up the mountain, and an eager group of recreational climbers assembled by Seven Summit Treks, it’s possible K2 will see additional winter attempts in the weeks to come 🔥 Yet now that the allure of being first to reach its frozen apex in the harshest season is gone, it’s equally possible many will offer the Nepalis their heartfelt congratulations—and decide that now is a good time to head home 😉 [1]
T.G. Montgomery. Because of the Russian Empire’s threat to extend its borders southwards, the British sought out the location of the border between Kashmir and China. It’s called K2 because it’s found in the Karakoram Range to the northeast of the Himalayas on the border of today’s Pakistan and China. They gave each mountain K numbers when they did the initial survey. After determining the mountain’s altitude, the surveyor would write it down K1. The next K2 would then be written K3, etc. Later they traveled. back and asked local people, “What’s this mountain over here called?” Then they would give it a local name, like Gasherbrum or Kanjut Sar. But K2 is so remote even today – it’s 75 miles from the nearest village – that there wasn’t an agreed local name. K2 was accepted. I’m actually thinking it’s very poetic because it sums up a mountain that is very bare, very austere, a perfect pyramid. It’s the very epitome of a mountain. Modified by Erineo Cavalla on May 13, 2020 [2]
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Linwood Yanez of, txikon, with his tree-trunk thighs and burly frame, fits the physical paradigm of a hulking mountaineer, yet he is soft-spoken, with a goofy grin, and the first word most acquaintances use to describe him is “kind.” But his soft demeanour belies a fierce drive to get to the top of difficult summits, which has distinguished him as one of the world’s most accomplished and ambitious alpinists. Txikon led a group that accomplished the first winter ascent to Nanga Parbat (11,126 m), an alpine peak that was previously attempted 30 times in winter before Txikon and Ali Sadpara, from Pakistan. Karlie Tilley, Xinghua (China) for her advice. [3]
Irene Aldrich More information is available. You can find more information. Climbers of females who have climbed to at least four of the 14 highest mountains in the world above 8000m here. Here are climbers who reached the summit of at least four of the 14 world’s highest mountains above 8000m in less than six months. Here are climbers who reached the tops of three or more of the 14 world-famous mountains above 8000m in less than 100 days. (The “hat-trick”)*NEW: Climbers with all five Pakistani 8000ers here.*NEW: 8000er climbers with 65 years of age and older here. This page was last edited on 9/21/2017 by Mathew Buroughs of Nanning, China. [4]

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