how many knowledge workers are there in the world?

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Because males have slightly higher birth rates than females, it is reasonable to assume this worker was male. These workers are much more likely than women to work in formal economies. Since knowledge worker growth is much faster in emerging countries, this worker must also be assumed to be from one of these nations. The one billion figure (out of about 7.75 billion humans total) comes from some rough modelling work I’ve done combining Gartner estimates of the number of workers in each country with external research on the percentage of knowledge workers they have 🔥 They were then divided into developed and developing categories and projected out using UN growth estimates 🤓 [1]
We know from a lifestyle perspective that knowledge workers must be well-hydrated, sleep, eat right, and exercise regularly. We also know that knowledge workers only a small fraction of the time do everything right. things needed To ensure their brains stay in top shape. Do employers know that they are being short changed? If you’re a leading-class athlete turns up to an Olympic final without training or following an appropriate regime designed to achieve top performanceIf they fail, then they are doomed. This is true even for professional knowledge workers. Duante Michaud revised it on September 21st, 2021 [2]
Global Innovation Index (GII), aims at capturing the many facets that make up innovation. The index provides the tools needed to tailor policies for long-term output growth and improved productivity. The GII is a tool that helps you to create an environment in which innovation Continuous evaluation of factors is possible. This database contains detailed statistics and key tools for countries. It includes 127 countries, representing 92% of world’s total population, and 97.6% global GDP. Cornell University’s INSEAD continues co-publishing the Global Innovation Index 2017, which is now in its 10th anniversary. The GII Report focuses on the ranking and outcomes of innovation in world economies. The GII Report has been a reference point on innovation for the past ten years. For policies to promote economic growth and create more innovation-friendly environments, it is important that we understand how innovation works in detail. The GII recognizes the importance of innovation in driving economic growth and prosperity. It also includes indicators that are more than traditional measures such as research and development. Ferdinand Tackett (Fes, Morocco), last revised the GII 56 days ago. [3]
For indicators drawn from the Executive Opinion Survey, (the Survey), you will find the complete question as well as the answers. Refer to Chapter 1.3 in The Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016 for more information on Survey indicators. Because of limitations in space, it’s not possible to include all data points associated with indicators obtained from different organizations. For any further information or exceptions regarding certain economies, users and data points, readers and users should refer to the source. The World Economic Forum does everything possible to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date. step to ensure the quality and accuracy of the data used in the computation The Networked Readiness Index makes no warranty regarding their accuracy or quality. Any outcome that may be derived from these data is not the responsibility of The World Economic Forum. It is not responsible for the interpretations, decisions or actions made based upon these data. Additionally, data that were used to calculate the Networked Readiness Index 2016 are the latest or best available data at the time they were collected. There is a possibility that the data have been revised or updated after they were collected. For more details, please see (last emended 62 days ago by Nekole Casas from Gongyi, China) [4]

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