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How Many Levels Are There In Merge Dragons? [TOP ANSWER]

Since Version 2 πŸ™Œ0 πŸ˜‰2, various Levels were changed into Challenge Levels πŸ”₯ The gray goblet can help you identify the Levels. You had to finish a level once at first, but Version 2.7.1 now has three tiers. Each Challenge Level must be completed in a limited timeA Dragon will be given to you as a reward after completing a Challenge Level. Once you’ve completed the three Challenge Level tiers, your regular Level name will be revealed and can be played as non-challenge Levels. To signify completion of the challenge, the goblet will become gold.
You can exit the map to go to the cloud, then disconnect and return to your camp. This way your actions won’t be saved. Tap your stars now to see how many you can count for each. It’s important to keep it in mind! Next, fly to the map and connect again. Keep in mind not to choose upload to continue! You can now reset the game to where it was before you tap your dragon stars. However, you do know how many times you can tap each one. Tap it twice if that number was 3, for instance. Don’t merge them yet. You have connected them and decided to continue the game. For gems, a Magnificent Dragon Star may be touched 7-11 times. You can also use the cloud for as many gems as you want. Connect to the cloud and merge the dragon stars. Now count how many times each one can be tapped. You can connect again to download the previous cloud save and then disconnect again. Only if your dragon stars are merged after disconnecting from the cloud. The gems can be 5-merged.
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You must not allow the object to fall apart until it is verified as a merger. You may notice that other objects similar to yours will be moving in the opposite direction. However, this can be unpredictable. Are there enough white lines around identical objects that you wish to combine? Five should be enough to combine five objects. You can shift one object onto the tiles and transfer it to another object. Check again. Repeat if necessary.
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Kentrell I. Kentrell I. This provides additional information. The world of Merge Dragons is rich in magical creatures such as dragons and phoenixes. Once you get hooked, the game will keep you there. You will be captivated by the game’s immersive gameplay for hours. It can even keep you entertained while you travel, work, and at school. You can enjoy the bright colours and pleasant sounds and the cute animations. Then you will be able to relax and enter the wonderful world of Merge Dragons. SholandaGreen revised this article on July 27, 20,21
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