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How Many Questions Are On The Illinois Real Estate Exam? [Solved]

Once you complete the course (minimum 15 hours of live instruction and the online quizzes), you have fulfilled all of IDFPR’s requirements and are eligible to take the state licensing exam. To be eligible to sit for the state licensure exam, students no longer need to pass a final course exam. However, they must take quizzes in each chapter and get at least 75%. We still encourage all students to take what used to be our course final exam as a “Sample Exam”. You can test your knowledge by taking this sample exam. All students will receive a link to the sample exam at the end each course. This sample exam has 125 multiple-choice question. You’ll have 3 ½ hours to complete the test, and a score of 75% is considered passing (results are provided immediately upon completion) 😁 [1]
There are two sections to the state exam: a general section, and one specific for Illinois. The minimum required grade for each section is 75%. You can retake each section if you fail, up to four times. Only one section of the exam will be given to you, the Illinois specific or general. You must retake that portion only. Failure to pass any part of the exam more than four times will result in you having to retake all the courses required for you sit the exam. Broker candidates must have completed the 75 hour classes while Managing Broker candidates must have taken the 45 hours. You can sit for the state exam four more times after you have completed these classes. You will need to pass each section of the exam on your fifth attempt. [2]
Image #2 He also mentions that the passing score is 75% for each section of the exam (state or national). Once you’ve completed the exam you will receive your score report. You will receive your score report once you have completed the exam. Pass you will receive a score Report / Licensure Application, an applicant sponsorship card 45-day Permit and instructions to apply for a license. You will get a report detailing your diagnostic score if the exam is not passed. You will have to wait to retake the portion you failed to pass if you are able to pass the first part of the exam. Candidates who have passed only one part of the exam must pass the second within one calendar year. Retaking the exam in its entirety will be required if you fail to do this. This revision was made by DanyaGoldberg on August 14, 2020. [3]
Image #3 It also explains how to do it. Simple! Simple! Real estate The highest quality exam preparation material is available in your enrolled area. It’s constantly updated and has the lowest online price. Written by the exam questions and their answers, real estate Experts are cross-examined for accuracy and they also edit the material. Experts in education designed the course to encourage learning and simulate real-world exam conditions. It was easy for us to make the process simple. You just need to take the course and successfully pass the state exam. Cynthia Torres (Kozhikode) compiled the above text on July 3, 2020. [4]
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