[SOLVED!] How Many Years Do Chickens Lay Eggs?

Second, egg-laying hens and broiler hens (another term for meat hens) don’t taste like the same bird 😊 While they both come from the same chicken breed, throughout the years they’ve been bred to either be more productive egg layers, or to produce more meat 😉 “The broiler hen vs 🔥 Egg-laying hen is a crazy agricultural thing that has happened over the last 100 years,” said Laflamme. In fact, the meat from Pete and Gerry’s birds doesn’t make it to the supermarket shelves because it’s sold at ethnic food markets, where the flavoursrr of a gamier bird is desired. [1]
Variation in breed is the largest factor in chicken longevity and the strongest indicator of their natural life expectancy. Most heritage breeds of chicken are resilient and can live for a long time. Rhode Island is one example. Island Reds can live for almost eight years. High-production hybrids, and birds with specific traits, will have shorter lives expectancies. Humans breed to produce a particular trait, like beautiful feathers and high egg production. However, this can also be due to the fact that they may have other side effects. This might include a tendency towards disease or illness that can drastically shorten a chicken’s lifespan. [2]
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According to analysts, backyard poultry keepers may hear two commonly used terms in the egg-production industry: “rate of lay” and “longevity of lay.” Simply put, “rate of lay” means how many eggs a chicken will produce in a period of time, usually the first year of actual laying. The percentage is commonly used. White Leghorn commercially laying 335 eggs in her first laying year It is 92% (35 eggs divided by 360 days). A Brahma that lays 180 eggs within her first year of life is only producing 49%. The term “longevity of lay ” refers to how long a bird or flock will produce. The majority of commercial flocks finish their second year of laying, but sometimes they do it earlier. In home-flocks, chickens receive low stress, high care and lots of love. lay eggs For at least 3-4 years. [3]
Felecia Bagley at, explains how we’re often asked here at The Happy Chicken Coop: “how long will my hen lay eggs for”?Like so many ‘simple’ questions there is no straightforward answer, there are many variables – within each breed and each individual hen. A bit like people, no two hens are the same…However with that said, we’re puttinge putting together some information and guidelines for you so that you can accurately assess how long your hens should lay eggs for.We are also going to give you a brief ‘bio’ on a few heritage and production hens so you can compare and further research to find a suitable breed for you.A small word of advice – if you get your chicks from a feed store, don’t rely on the staff to know about the chicks. Many of the folks working there don’t know any more about chicks than beginners, so be prepared. Lydon Galindo updated this text on March 28, 20,21 [4]

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