How Much Does A Good Grand Piano Cost? (Solved)

If you want a Steinway baby grand, you’ll have to part with at least $50,000. The Macassar baby grand, in particular, is available for purchase at a price of up to $99,000. Baldwin baby grand pianos are great in their own right, and can be purchased for between $22,000 and $35,000; Yamaha’s entry-level offering is at $34,000. We understand the urge to check used listings, but don’t forget that pianos depreciate slowly (a good thing if you own one) 😉 If you look for a used one, don’t be alarmed by the fact that the price isn’t too much lower! [1]
Modern design and engineering is very effective – and worth so much. Older pianos (pre-1930’s) built by top piano makers in their day eg. Prices are very competitive for Bluthner or Bechstein, and Grotrian Steinweg is also quite attractive. They are identical models new. But they don’t match. The designs are very different: the actions weren’t as good, the scale designs weren’t so well engineered and the timbers were not built with central heating Take this into consideration. This is in addition to the fact they have been exposed to over 20tonnes total string tension, likely been moved over 10x, and played heavily. The result is truly substandard, which cannot be compared to a high quality, modern piano. Bobby U. modified the text (Modified by Bobby U.) From Belfast, United Kingdom, August 16, 2021 [2]
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You can choose something more sturdy if you prefer something more familiar. They will cost you between one hundred to four hundred pounds. The benefits are significant: They’ll be set up in a way that mimics the sound of acoustic instruments, in terms of weight and tone. There won’t be any technical issues and no risk to your investment. The added advantage is that you won’t need to pay for moving your piano, or for the services of a piano technician. This was brought to our attention by Taura Canales, Abidjan (Ivory Coast). [3]
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I’ve never played a New York Steinway, being based in Europe, so I don’t actually know whether the differences are as pronounced as people claim they are. However, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re in the US, Canada or Mexico, you will overwhelmingly find New York Steinways available for sale, and if you’re in Europe, you will overwhelmingly find Hamburg Steinways available for sale. Unfortunately I have no idea what’s available in other parts of the world. Always ask your dealer; if it’s a genuine Steinway it should have documentation indicating where and when it had was built. This page was last updated 70 days ago, by Johnanna Dick (from Lucknow in India). [4]
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