How Much Does Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Cost? [5 ANSWERS FOUND]

EAB: When is it a good time to consider treating my Ash tree? Historically, treatment decisions were based upon being within or near a quarantined county 😉 However, in 2018 the EAB quarantine was extended over the entire state and most Wisconsin residents now live in counties with known EAB infestations or are close to an infestation 😊 Thus, treatments may be warranted for EAB regardless of location within Wisconsin. EAB treatments can be expensive so make sure to evaluate the cost to treat a specific ash tree before you do anything. EAB pesticides should be used with care to maintain high value trees. ash trees over time. EAB insecticides are not suitable for low-value trees of ash and trees with poor health. [1]
The cost of treatment varies depending on how many people are being treated, their health status, the method used, and what size they are. trees you have to treat. The current cost of a 2-year tree treatment at my average price is $12 for each inch of stem diameter, measured at the breast height. sales tax. For healthy trees, this is for treatment at a rate 7.5mL/inch using emamectin-benzoate. The application rate used is greater than the minimum 5mL recommended for protecting healthy trees against EAB. However, after considering all aspects of this endeavorr, I found that the highest value to the customer could be treated at a lower rate with a slight increase in cost. Customers who have healthy ash tree may choose to treat at the 5mL rate per inch at $10/in diameter, plus tax. For trees that have fallen victim to EAB pressure, and those in future, a 10mL treatment will be required at $14 per inch plus tax. Also note your tree(s) tend to grow 1/2″ to 1″ in diameter per year so the price of treatment will rise over time. Associations or homeowners who have multiple trees to be treated may qualify for discounts. Future pricing for EAB treatments may be affected by inflation or decrease in US dollar value. I am willing to consider honoring a competitor’s price, if you can provide their written estimate including the method of treatment and actual amount (milliliters) of insecticide being applied. Dorothea Seay revised the pricing on October 19, 2020. [2]
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Ashlee Bateman, invasiveinsects.caAsh trees which aren’t treated with the appropriate insecticide often die from EAB attack and must be cut down before becoming dangerous. Cost of Ash tree removal will vary depending on the tree’s size and complexity. Trees that are close to overhead wires or buildings will be more costly to remove. Trees close to buildings or overhead wires are more expensive to remove. tree stump will also need If the tree needs to be taken out, it may cost extra. It is possible for ash trees to become more fragile if they aren’t taken out promptly. The had in urban areas is the cost of removing an ash tree and replacing The cost of a new tree and the installation can prove costly – at present, southern Ontario estimates are between $700-1500 for each tree. Marizol Ashford has kindly pointed this out to us. [3]
Image #3 The author then describes how the 2002 discovery of Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire’s emerald-ash borer (Agrilus Planipennis Fairmaire), near Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, in 2002 led to its emergence. EAB (emerald-ash borer) is a beetle native to Asia that has the potential to spread and kill native ash trees (Fraxinus sp.) It is found in both the United States of America and Canada. EAB were found in isolated areas across 14 U.S. States as well as 2 Canadian provinces, according to May 2010. To estimate the costs of treating, removing, and replacing ash trees with new ones, we used computer simulations. This is the study focused on developed The land is located within the boundaries of established communities, in an area that spans 25 states and centers around Detroit. This area is home to an estimated 38,000,000 landscape ash trees. This was modified by Aishah Kass on June 2, 2020 [4]
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