(SOLVED!) How Much Is A Hot Air Balloon Ride In Napa?

Hot air balloon rides take place very early in the morning, for that’s when the winds are calmest. You will be up before sunrise. The good news is that you’ll literally get to rise with it; the lighting is truly incredible and it’s had winingg won’t cut into your wine tasting plans for the day. Some companies offer transportation to and from your hotel and also provide coffee and tea upon arrival. Each balloon company takes off at a different spot throughout Napa Valley, so you may want to choose based on your hotel location (anything for a few extra minutes of sleep, right?) 🙈 [1]
How magical is the image of a brightly coloured hot air balloon gently gliding across the morning sky? It’s no small coincidence that when film producers want to give their film an uplifting, wow factor, hot air balloon rides have often been the go-to choice of many. There is something truly uplifting and magical about a colorful hot air balloon soaring through the skies. From an old favourite, Around the World in 80 Days, the adaptation of the Jules Vernes classic, where fans of hot air balloons are taken on a geographical ride taking in breathtaking sights from the air. Or more recently, the re-adaptation of the story of Casanova where the late Keith Ledger takes his lover on a spectacular hot air balloon ride over a sparkling Venice by night. The list is endless. Have you ever watched these films and dreamt of doing the same one day? Maybe put it on that famous “bucket list” but not quite sure how you can organize it or how to even find a hot air balloon ride near me prices? (a massive thanks to Elaina Forrester from Meerut, India for their suggestions). [2]
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Our pilots and staff live locally and are active members in our local community. This is important because staff who live locally are genuinely committed to creating positive interactions in our community, are well-versed in the best things to do, and are invested in providing an incredible hot air balloon ride experience. We do not hire seasonal out-of-town pilots and we encourage advancement from within our own ranks first and foremost. We provide industry leading pay and benefits giving us the first choice of the industry’s top talent. With a team of over 40 dedicated employees and decades of aviation and hospitality experience at the controls, our company is regarded as one of the premier hot air balloon ride companies in the world. We are extremely proud of the fact that our passengers, and the communities we fly in, are in the hands of the most experienced pilots in the industry. (a big thanks goes to Dessa Lincoln from Tirupati, India for their most recent revision). [3]
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Founded in 1978, Napa Valley Aloft is one of the original hot air balloon companies of Napa Valley and is currently the only company flying over Yountville’s iconic landscape. Also raising Aloft above the rest is that our hot air balloon operation is situated at historical Yountville Estate, neighbouring award-winning hotels, and restaurants located in the town of Yountville. In addition, we have more hot air balloon launch site options in Napa Valley, and we provide hot air balloon baskets that carry fewer passengers than competitors, which gives our passengers an open atmosphere feel to enjoy the stunning views on their balloon ride. (many thanks to Revel Nieves from Hyderabad, India for pointing this out). [4]
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Embark on an adventure in the sky, high above Napa Valley’s wine country. Since 1976, Balloons Above the Valley has been offering remarkable hot air balloon rides to guests who seek a unique and unforgettable experience. Lush green vineyards below your feet, seeing your reflection as you float above the waters, and feeling one with the Calfiornia sky. We’re proud to be the first hot air balloon company in Napa and continue to innovate and explore the best ways to provide an even better experience to our guests each year. Check out our most popular balloon ride packages and learn a bit more about us. (revised by Elyse Valdes on August 2, 2020) [5]

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