How Much Is Alcohol For A Wedding? (SOLVED)

You probably have the best idea of what to do with the 75% remaining! As a general rule, wine tends to be the most popular option at weddings, followed by beer, and finally spirits 😎 But always consider your audience! At an Irish wedding, Guinness might be the go to – while if you or your partner are from the West Country, cider could be the drink of the day 😁 The other thing we would recommend is keeping your wedding date in mind 🙈 In the summer, it’s unlikely that many people will go for red wine, instead opting for white wine, champagne or light beers. In the winter, on the other hand, we’d expect to see more people drinking red wine or darker beers. [1]
It’s not that people will consume 7 drinks/person, and of course not everybody will drink 2 or even 1, BUT you have to take into account how many times servers might pick up a half-full drink, or somebody misplaces theirs while dancing. It happens, and if you’re DIY’ing your own wedding bar with no extra inventory (like most wedding caterers have on hand), why take the chance? You can keep any extra wine bottles that are not used after your wedding. Wedding can make for great hostess or holiday gifts, and you won’t be freaking out thinking that you didn’t order enough alcohol. [2]
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Chase Osthimer, an events ambassador for Lo-Fi Aperitifs and Quaker City Mercantile in California and Pennsylvania, says that “It’s easy to get bogged down in feeling like you have to offer everything, and that’s just not true. I’m a big fan of picking a few things to do, and do those things well—I’m thinking ultimately, guests feel more taken care of that way, and you can serve things well, not haphazardly.” No alcohol calculator is gonna work for a bar that involves twenty kinds of booze. If you don’t want to spend most of your budget buying half the liquor at your local liquor shop, it is best to work with professional bartending services and your venue. Credit goes to Valincia Schaeffer, who shared this information with us. [3]
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We will have open bars at each of our receptions. Fiancée is American, where a cash bar is considered the height My father-in law is not a fan of cash bars, even at British receptions. My poor partner was indignant and said that she was a poor hostess because she “allow” this. So, he will pay for both the reception bar tabs. This reception is taking place in an expensive venue. I am worried about what my family might do to open bars. We will have guests pay doubles for bubbles and shots and we hope they act responsibly. The American one won’t be too bad, but my poor fiancée had never seen binge-drinking like it until she’s comingming to a wedding in Glasgow as my guest. For her undergraduate, she will be attending a party school. Eeek. We really value Yer Tang, Turin, Italy’s revision. [4]
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