(Solved) How Much Loft Insulation Do I Need?

Alternatively, and probably more cheaply and easily, if you already have insulation in up to 100mm, you can add one of an increasing number of insulation products that have a polystyrene or a wooden layer on top of them 🔥 Those with a polystyrene top layer will not be as hard wearing as those with a wood finish, but polystyrene provides the best insulation performance 😁 In theory you won’t be able to achieve the performance of 270mm of mineral or glass wool, but you will come close to it 🙌 A warm roof is a good option if you are looking to surpass the performance of wool products up to 270mm.
Over the years, loft insulation’s minimum thickness has varied greatly. It was common to use any thickness of loft insulation, from 25 to 50mm in the 1980s. Then, building regulations stated that homes You should add as much loft insulation as possible. It gradually increased to 200mm, and it is now at 270mm for new constructions. However, this insulation level is not mandatory for most properties. You should check how much insulation your loft has before you purchase more. There may be anywhere between 25 and 200mm of insulation up there. This information, along with the insulation values, will determine how much additional insulation you will need. Many modern materials provide similar thermal insulation but not as thick.
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You can also find out more about our products. Live in a newer propertyThe truth is, you have the option to install any amount of insulation you want. Chances are if you’re buying a new property the insulation is already as good as it can be, especially if the EPC shows high ratings. You can get as much insulation as necessary as long as your home is properly ventilated. You need to find the right balance between the loft insulation and ventilation to avoid damp. You should not have any problems as long as that balance is right. Another thing to consider is that realistically you won’t have enough space to install ‘too much’ insulation before you run out of wall cavityFloor cavity, or any space inside that could be encroaching on. Ann King of Yulin Guangxi in China, March 25, 2021 updated this article
There are many homes already have some kind of insulation and if yours does too then that’s awesome. But don’t get too comfortable and put your feet up yet though! The UK government recommend a minimum insulation thickness of 270mm (that’s basically the same size as a 30cm ruler). A lot of the insulation we come across is thinner than that so it’s worth checking yours. Also, some home’s have the right thickness but it’s getting squashed by boarding. Or, someone’s just dumped a load of boxes full of Christmas decorations It’s all good! Yeah, we’re looking at you Trevor in Hertford. 🙄 This is a massive no-no and we’ll tell you why a little later in this article. Credit to Danyl Donnahue, for the latest changes.
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