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how old is general petraeus?

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General David H. Petraeus (US Army, Ret.) (New York) is a Partner at KKR and Chairman of the KKR Global Institute, which he established in May 2013 👍 He is also a member of the boards of directors of Optiv and OneStream, a venture investor in more than 20 startups, and engaged in a variety of academic endeavours 🙈 Before joining KKR General Petraeus spent 37 years as a U 🤓S. Military officer. Career Six consecutive commands were received, of which five were in combat. These included command of the Surge, U.S. Central Command and command of coalition forces. [1]
He had felt the influence of West Point strongly in his community. Although he was admitted to other colleges after he had won a highly coveted post at West Point, David Petraeus joined the United States Corps of Cadets. He had done well at West Point. He was able to follow the rigorous pre-med curriculum, and competed in soccer and downhill ski. He’s excelling in science classes, but by his senior year realized that he doesn’t have the calling to be a doctor and applied for an order as an infantryman. He was in the top 5 percent of his class, and he received his commission in the United States Army as second lieutenant. After graduation, he was married to Holly Knowlton. Holly Knowlton is the daughter General William Knowlton who served as the Military Academy’s Superintendent. While enduring the many upheavals that can come from a military career, the couple raised a son-and-a-daughter. This was modified by Emily Patel (Bin Hoa, Vietnam December 31, 2021). [2]
Image #2 It is also mentioned that David Petraeus (retired four-star Army General) served nearly forty years in the military, becoming one of the most revered and famous members of the armed forces in both the war on terror, and the war against Iraq. Petraeus is known for his new counter-insurgency theory. He was responsible for overseeing the surge of troops meant to revive a faltering war effort. In 2010, President Barack Obama, who had ordered a surge of troops in Afghanistan—a move opposed by then Vice-President Joe Biden—appointed General Petraeus the commander of forces in that country. Petraeus retired from the military the following year, and went on to serve as Obama’s C.I.A. Director. After providing classified information about his affair to Paula Broadwell (his biographer), he resigned in 2012. Petraeus later admitted to one charge of mishandling classified documents. Petraeus is now an investor in global firm K.K.R. He is also the chairman of K.K.R. Global Institute. Last revised by Cristina White, Krasnodar (Russia) on December 31, 2018. [3]
General (Ret.) David H. Petraeus, a Partner and chairman of the KKR Global Institute which he founded in May 2013, is General. Petraeus is also a director of Optiv, FirstStream and a venture investor in over 15 startups. He has been involved in a number of academic pursuits. Before joining KKR in 2012, General Petraeus served as Director at the Central Intelligence Agency between 2011 and 2012. General Petraeus was a decorated general. He served in the US Military for 37 years, and retired in 2011. He served for 37 years in the US Military, retiring as the 10th Commandant of US Central Command. This document was last revised on 55 days ago, by AlysePortillo of Ciudad Guayana in Venezuela. [4]
The general hastens to add, however, that “this is not the post-Vietnam military; there is no hollow Army.” He says what every American fighting man is inclined to say, “that this is best-equipped, best-trained, most combat-experienced military by far in the world.” It isn’t the Army he joined “as a very young lieutenant” in 1974. “That was a very different Army. That was an undisciplined Army.” He was “very fortunate” to go to an airborne battalion combat team in Italy that was “very elite, and everybody else wanted to go to.” But when he and his fellow officers would “go up to Germany at that time, the indiscipline was just stunning.” And “the racial issues were draining.” [5]

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