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Lou Pearlman was accused of seducing boys 🤓 At present, there are different points of view 😎 In 2009, Rich Cronin, the former lead singer of band LFO, said in the interview that Lou was trying to pervert him. There are many people that protect Pearlman. Nick Carter didn’t confirm it. Lance Bass of NSYNC also said that Pearlman did not seduce him. Bass recalled that the two of them have kept their distance. While he claimed Pearlman had hired teenage boys as drivers, and heard about the rumors from others, Pearlman didn’t cross this line. They were close friends from the start and Bass knew Pearlman was gay, but that didn’t matter to him. [1]
“That is when I knewnown we were being taken advantage of,” says Lance Bass of ‘NSync, now 39. “There was something wrong. “There was something wrong. calling lawyers.” Bass and his bandmates managed to jump clear of the wreckage using a buried clause in their contracts – that stipulated Pearlman had to sign the group to a US label (they were signed to a label within the German major BMG) – to declare it null and void. The judge in the case was flabbergasted at Pearlman’s claim, that according to his contract and ownership of the band name he was ‘NSync, and therefore entitled to 90% of their earnings. She ruled for the band and the implosion of Pearlman’s empire began. (Cheers to Barclay Steiner, Ciudad Guayana Venezuela for the most recent revisions) [2]
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According to experts, celebritynetworth.comLou Pearlman was born June 19, 1954, in Flushing (New York). His first cousin is folk singer Art Garfunkel (of the former group Simon & Garfunkel). Pearlman was a teenager who managed a band. However, when success in music failed him, he decided to pursue aviation. Pearlman was a Queens College student his first year. He wrote an article. business plan for a class project based on the idea of a helicopter taxi service in New York City. In the latter part of the 1970s, the business was launched based upon his business plan. He started with only one helicopter. He convinced German businessman Theodor Wüllenkemper to train him on blimps and spent time at Wüllenkemper’s facilities in Germany to learn more. Jaynell Pappas (Khon Kaen in Thailand), last modified 25 days ago [3]
Louis Jay Pearlman (American record producer, mogul of boy bands, and convicted criminal) was an American recording producer. The successful 90s boy band NSYNC and Backstreet Boys were his creation. Pearlman discovered a passion for aviation and music as an early age. As a teenager, he managed his own band and started a New York City-based helicopter taxi service. In the 1980s, he managed several companies that included an advertising company for blimps. Pearlman finally turned his attention to the music industry and founded Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC. O-Town was also his management of other boy bands like O-Town. Natural. Take 5. and LFO. His groups sued him later for fraudulent misrepresentation, fraud, and he was accused in 2006 of running the biggest and longest-running boy band. American Ponzi schemes that involved Frauding investors in excess of $300 million. After his arrest, Pearlman plead guilty to money laundering and conspiracy and made false statements in a bankruptcy proceeding. He was sentenced to 25 year imprisonment. Pearlman, who was currently serving his sentence in federal prison, died during the course of his term. We are grateful to Isabel Schwarz for her revision. [4]

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