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[RESOLVED] How Old Is Stromae?

Stromae has been a hit since 2009’s “Alors on Danse”. His thought-provoking lyrics, and his danceable productions are what have kept him going. That global hit’s had leadingg led to the equally colorful number one albums Cheese (2010) and Racine Carrée (2013), which combined influences as diverse as Jacques Brel, Cuban son, Congolese rhumba, house, and hip-hop, as well as the late-’80s new beat sound of the artist’s native Belgium. A singer, songwriter, producer, Stromae has made use of his platform to discuss topics such as cancer, AIDS and absent fathers. He has also used international success to team up with Lorde, Kanye West, and Lorde. Known for his clean-cut look and trademark bow tie, Stromae has approached music and fashion as indivisible creative forms, exemplified by “Défiler” (2018) and “Santé” (2021), two of his several Belgian Top Ten pop hits. This song was included on Multitude (2022), which is his third top-charting album.🤓
Stromae is an internationally recognized Belgian rapper, hip hop artist, songwriter and musician. Paul Van Haver was born in Brussels in 1985. He was raised by his mother and his siblings. Paul began to take an interest in music at high school. He started listening to Latin music and discovered that there were many local musicians. In high school, he formed his first band and started recording and writing his own songs. His collaborations with other hip hop artists began in 2000 and he tried his hand at the style, which was very successful. Stromae released his first album, and was soon performing live onstage and television. He had a few hits on his second studio album, such as “Formidable”, that made him a household name across the continent. Stromae continued to perform in the 2010s. working on his music releasing it mainly online and promoting on various social Networking platforms. He’s married with a child.
Image #2 This explains why paul Van Arer is known more as Stromae. He is a Belgian musician and rapper. Born in Brussels, he’s having begun his career at the age of 18, with a rap group named ‘Suspicion’. While he was still studying film at the Film School of Brussels, his debut EP was released. After signing a 4-year record deal with ‘Because Music’ and ‘Kilomaitre’, he released his debut album ‘Cheese’. This album is a success commercially. It topped the Belgian Albums Chart. His second album ‘Racine carree’ was an even greater success. The album reached the top of the French Albums Chart and the US World Albums charts. Critics also gave it high marks. Stromae’s records have been sold more than 8.5 million times worldwide. He’s been nominated five times for the UK Music Video Awards, as well as being the recipient of many other awards such the NRJ Music Award or the MTV Europe Music Award. Last revised by Adon Gavin, Makhachkala (Russia) 23 days ago
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Stromae didn’t feel self-centered or self-pity. Instead, he used this time to get closer to others by putting himself in their shoes. The unstable men in La Solassitude and Mon Amour, the prostitute’s son in Fils de Joie, the depressed and suicidal protagonists of Mauvaise Journée and L’Enfer, the mismatched couple in Pas Vraiment, the invisible people in Santé, the suffering women in Déclaration; he embraces them all with kindness and altruism, providing each with a touching portrait. By doing so, he gives the title ‘Multitude’ a deep resonance, the same one that Walt Whitman conveys in his poem, of which Stromae could take up the opening: “I am large, I contain multitude, I am of every hue and caste, of every rank and religion.”
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