Is Asbestos Illegal In California? [RESOLVED]

Cal/OSHA does not recommend specific asbestos removal contractors 😉 For general guidance on choosing a contractor, see the Contractor’s State License Board 10 Tips and other guides at www 😁 A Cal/OSHA-Certified Asbestos Consultant may help this process. Consider the work history, experience and proof of training as factors in choosing a contractor. See the Cal/OSHA and U.S. EPA compliance history database The U.S. EPA database does not contain violations issued by air quality districts. Contact them direct.
A “competent person” is not only someone who can identify existing or predicted hazards in the environment or work conditions that are unsafe, dangerous, or unsanitary for employees and has authority to immediately take corrective actions to remove them. It also includes one who is capable to recognise asbestos hazards at the workplace and select the best control strategy to reduce them. Work who is specially trained in a training course which meets the criteria of EPA’s Model Accreditation Plan 40 CFR Part 763, for supervisors or their equivalents, which is required for both Class III and IV work. This training must be consistent with EPA standards for local education agency maintenance/custodial staff, set forth in 40 CFR 763.92 (a).(2). Notice: If operations involve more than 100 sq. Feet of asbestos-containing construction material, the competent person can fulfil the requirements of Section 341.9. To identify a certified supervisor for asbestos-related work.
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Between 1928 and 1977 asbestos was in nearly all construction materials. California experienced its greatest growth during this period, meaning that asbestos was present in a lot of buildings. You could be exposed to the material’s physical structure, which can attach itself aggressively to living tissue. California has recently passed new laws to address the asbestos hazards. This includes the possibility of exposure to asbestos that is aggressively attached to living tissue due to its physical structure. Takeela Cooper is a big thank you for pointing out this.
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Malorie Tackett says at ehso.comIt is safe to touch it and avoid being in close proximity to asbestos-containing material. It is safe for you. Health may be affected Inhaling asbestos fibres can cause damage to your lower lungs. After 20-30 year exposure, symptoms of lung disease usually do not appear. Exposure to low levels of asbestos is not likely to cause health problems. The risk of developing lung cancer from asbestos exposure in combination with smoking is higher. Many studies show this. According to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, May 28, 1998, moderate asbestos exposure does not increase the risk of lung cancer. Scientists continue to disagree on this matter. Evelyn Hill of Shaoyang in China, May 19, 2020 added the following:
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