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Is Attic Mold Common? [SOLVED]

There’s a ton of great information out there about mould, but there’s also a lot of misinformation and hype out there too 🔥 The bottom line is that mould requires elevated moisture, or high humidity, to grow and spread 🤓 If you can see mould, it’s likely mould 😎 In my opinion, you don’t need to pay for an expensive mould inspection. There’s a source of moisture that needs to be addressed and the mould removed or remediated by a qualified professional. Deal with the moisture and it’s had winingg won’t come back, it’s that simple, because mould requires moisture to grow and thrive. [1]
For many of us DYI’er (Do-It-Yourself’er) homeowners, the first thing we think about to save money on heating and cooling Insulating our attics more often will result in higher bills. Unfortunately, improper installation or choosing the wrong kind of insulation causes moisture from the lower levels of the home To rise to the top and become trapped in your attic. The moisture in the attic feeds mold growth. If you’re layering insulation atop other insulation, don’t use the kind that has “kraft face” finish (I.e., paper or foil backing). It serves as a protective layer. vapor barrier Insulation can also trap water. Remedy: Ask a better question – do you really need more insulation? [2]
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The importance of attic insulation can be crucial in energy conservation and mould prevention. When air is moving up through a structure. insulation provides a barrier slowing the rate of conditioned Attic air loss. Lack of insulation in an attic can lead to significant air movement. Warmer air may also cause condensation on roof sheathing. Condensation can lead to mould growth by creating a moisture situation. It’s important to check your insulation and make sure that you have even and adequate coverage throughout the entire attic, especially in the lower-north-side areas. Lynzee Mohammed, Delhi, India (last modification 53 days ago) [3]
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Dryer exhaust vents, kitchen exhaust fans and bathroom The exhaust fans will remove water from your home. You should make sure they’re properly installed vented to the outside of your home and not in the attic. Attic mold growth can also be caused by condensation from attic plumbing stacks. Each appliance and vent should have it’s own dedicated port to transport the hot air outside. However, because dryer vents require periodic cleaning, you’ll want to easily access the inside of the pipe to remove any lint build up, therefore, your dryer vent should have a removable section of pipe in the attic area. This was brought to our attention by Tierney Drew, Manama (Bahrain), [4]
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