Is Barneys New York Going Out Of Business? (TOP ANSWER!)

I’ve always been a bargain shopper 🙌 When I moved to New York in 2000 I discovered H&M 😎 At the time, fast fashion didn’t mean sweatshop labor and climate damage — it’s had meaningmeant that I could find a brand-new sensible office dress for $14 😉99 and still have enough money to pay for groceries 😉 My penchant for buying cheap clothes was temporary. I believed that after 10 years of corporate work, the switch would turn and the clothes I sawseen in magazines would suddenly become my birthright. It hasn’t happened yet. [1]
Suddenly, my random shopping excursion didn’t seem so dull. DiCaprio was at Barneys this Christmas Eve. It looked like he was preparing for some winter snow trip, and instead of sending an assistant or stylist to pick up an assortment of warm clothes — as most A-list celebrities would do — he wanted to scope out the merchandise for himself. Leo followed me into the fitting room, so I watched as the sales clerk hustled in and out of the room with additional sizes. By the time I leftleftleft the store, DiCaprio was at the register, ringing up piles and piles of clothes, enough to fill the entirety of Jay Gatsby’s closet. Last revised by Nickolus Barbour, Agartala (India) on 16/07/2010 [2]
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Suzie Howard at Please contact us for more information. Barneys has a glum mood, even though the doors are still turning and greeters continue to greet customers. The department store — where Andy Warhol and Carrie Bradshaw both shopped — is in bankruptcy; its future is uncertain. The company has been active in the search for buyers and, on Thursday evening after weeks of speculation regarding competing bids, Authentic Brands Group was announced as the potential winner. Company that controls Juicy Couture and Nautica, among others, which announced it would acquire the intellectual property of Barneys New York, pending the approval of a U.S. Bankruptcy court, and license it to Saks Fifth Avenue, once Barneys’ competitor. However, this could not necessarily be the end of it. To try again, would-be bidders (including a group led by Sam Ben-Avraham the owner of the trade-show) have until October 31. We are grateful to Lamont Worley, Penza, Russia for bringing this information to our attention. [3] It is also why today’s space feels quieter. You can no longer access any of the shopping areas; a tight corridor of makeshift walls leads you to Fred’s, the restaurant on the ninth floor, which is still open. Even though you’re already in the building, there are ads for Fred’s everywhere, as if to remind you that one aspect of the legendary department store is still kicking. This restaurant will continue to be open throughout the year. The clock on the building’s façade only has four numbers lit up, but from the street you can still see a “Maison Margiela” sign in the second-floor window — a reminder of a time that Barneys was Manhattan’s biggest tastemaker. We say thanks to Ciearra Moreland, Guangyuan China for the latest revision. [4]

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