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is crystal cat litter bad for the environment?

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I never appreciated how frustrated we used to be with storing kitty litter.We always tried to keep a fortnight’s worth of kitty litter on hand (particularly if Lumos had a bad tummy week) 😉 And we used to store 52 pounds of crystal litter every fortnight 😉 That’s 52 pounds hidden in different places in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment 🙌But now with the Wee Kitty Eco Litter, we only use 20 pounds per month.We’ve gone from storing 52 pounds every fortnight, to 20 pounds every month.And what’s great is that the Eco Litter comes in 20 lb bags which are resealable and have an easy to pour handle.We’re also fans of the 8.8 lb bags for when we travel. They’re a great size for keeping in the car and lugging from hotel to air bnb and back home.
Our feline friends are our best friend. Every cat parent knows It is important to have many choices. Cat litter manufacturers know this too, and this is why cat owners can now select non toxic Cat litters can be made from a variety of sizes, smells, materials, and potencies. It can be overwhelming to consider all the options. Only Natural Pet selected only the highest quality natural litters to make it easier. We’ve highlighted the benefits of each type of kitty litter to help you determine which one is best for your kitty, your household, and the environment.
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Hello! I’m going to take a look at the social and environmental impact of cat litter, which provides a good example of why we need user-generated reviews. While most people are motivated to be ethical, I believe that it is important for them to research the sustainability of things like cat litter. Kitty litter never quite becomes Priority. Public sites with green stars have information that is not easily accessible to everyone. If you haven’t seen it, here’s a post on why I believe user-generated content is the best medium for ethical consumerism guidance. Modified by Gaelanschuler, November 3, 2021
Mikel Presley, clumping litter only the formed litter is removed. Clumping litter is therefore very good value because any unused litter is still useable and you only need to top up your cat’s litter box If necessary. Silica litter will, however, absorb water until its maximum capacity. Silica litter will last up to 4 weeks without needing to be replaced. This litter works in a different way to clumping, and is much more economical than clumping. 5 liters silica litter costs roughly three times as much. Jordan Hughes, Peshawar (Pakistan), July 7, 2020.
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