[SOLVED!] Is Degrassi Getting A Season 5?

The theme song begins with a shot of the front entrance of the school 🙈 The camera pans to the right and we see Ellie across the street holding a video camera shooting the school 😎 The name “Stacey Farber” zooms in from the’s had leaving left side of the screen 😎 The camera focuses on her and she turns to the right. The camera now takes the perspective of Ellie’s camera. It goes by the front entrance where we see a kid skateboarding down the railing. It stops at Emma who is at the bottom of the stairs passing out flyers. The name “Miriam McDonald” fades in and she looks into the camera smiling and sticks her tongue out. Her name zooms off to the right and the camera goes to the right and focuses on Jay who’s sitting on the hood of his car in the parking lot. The name “Mike Lobel” fades in on the’s having lower left corner. Alex walks past him and the name “Deanna Casaluce” fades in on the upper right. As she’s walking she pushes his head back and laughs as she walks off screen.
Because Degrassi: Next Class airs on Canada’s F2N TV channel, its cancellation and renewal chances depend — at least in part — on its Canadian ratings. On top of that, Nielsen doesn’t monitor or report on the performance of streaming TV series, so it is difficult to gauge how a Netflix show is doing, unless the platform publicizes it. Flying blind, I suspect F2N will renew Degrassi: Next Class for season five, and Netflix will follow suit. This long-running franchise has developed a fiercely loyal fanbase. Last I heardeardeard, series co-creator Linda Schuyler was brainstorming seasons five and six. Now, while we don’t track television ratings in Canada, from my perch, I’m can seeing when our neighbours to the North cancel or renew TV shows, so I’ll update this page with any breaking developments. Subscribe for free updates on any Degrassi: Next Class cancellation or renewal news. (last emended 19 days ago by Senaida Cho from Palembang, Indonesia)
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Mae Waite at thecinemaholic.com, describes how the main cast of ‘Degrassi: Next Class’ is led by Stefan Brogren who plays Archie Simpson, the principal of the school. The other the cast members who appear as students, include Eric Osborne as Miles Hollingsworth III, Ricardo Hoyos in the role of Zig Novak, Andre Kim as Winston Chu, Ehren Kassam who appears as Jonah Haak, Ana Golja as Zoe Rivas, Lyle Lettau who is seen as Tristan Milligan, Nikki Gould in the role of Grace Cardinal, Olivia Scriven as Maya Matlin, Richard Walters as Tiny Bell and Soma Bhatia in the role of Goldi Nahir. Notably, these cast members all left at the end of Season 4 since they graduated. (last modified 53 days ago by Thary Weiner from Meerut, India)
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The show’s previous seasons have dropped on Netflix with two per year — one season premiering in the Winter and one in the Summer — so if Season 5 follows suit, Degrassi will be back in Winter 2018 for a brand new school year. For now, it wentgone to be sad to potentially say goodbye to the Degrassi seniors, who have been the core cast members of the Netflix iteration of the franchise. The official Season 4 trailer shows Tiny, Grace, Winston, Jonah, Miles, Tristan, Zoe, Zig, and Goldi facing for their final semester at the drama-filled high Canadian school. What’s great about the Degrassi universe, though, is that new students are always enrolling with stories to tell, and beloved characters are never truly gone — alumni drop by the high school all the time. (last emended 79 days ago by Kassey Toney from Huaibei, China)
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