is dry food bad for cats with kidney disease?

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Though there is some inconsistency among studies, most research has failed to find dietary carbohydrates are a significant risk factor for DM in cats 🤓1,8 One study even found cats who developed diabetes were less likely to be fed dry foods than cats without DM 🤓9 Obesity, of course, is a very important risk factor for DM in cats, but the research evidence is clear that dietary carbohydrates are not a cause of feline obesity.8–11 There is evidence that reduced-carbohydrate diets may be useful in management of feline DM, though such diets can be counterproductive and promote obesity if they are very high in fat.1,12 [1]
Water. The kidneys of a diseased person are less efficient at excreting waste materials from their bodies through urine. One result of CKD can be a reduced ability for the kidneys and bladder to concentrate the urine. The body will stimulate greater thirst to help it rid itself of toxins. It is crucial that you provide adequate water for your body. Cat with an unlimited supply of fresh water. Canned food is a good way to increase your cat’s moisture intake. To encourage more water intake, change your pet’s water several times a day, clean your pet’s water bowl daily, and consider the use of a running water fountain to increase water interest. This information was provided by Makeda Donahue, Pingdingshan Henan (China) – many thanks! [2]
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The cat is an obligate carnivore, which means that almost all of their diets would be made up of fat and protein. Cats with kidney disease need to continue eating protein. Protein tastes great and stimulates cats’ appetites. Special kidney foods contain less protein Although they are less common than normal foods, their protein is still of higher quality than the regular diet. There is therefore less protein which can cause toxic waste in the blood. However, the cat is more able to use the food protein. We are grateful to Tremell Moseley, Benguela (Angola) for his heads-up [3]
Image #3 This article provides additional information. The kidneys remove protein waste from the food. Therefore, pets suffering from kidney disease should eat a lower amount of protein. This will help to reduce the risk of your pet feeling sick. You can help your pet feel better by ensuring that they are getting enough nutrition. Dog or cat has protein loss in his or her urineA low-protein diet can help improve your pet’s survival rate. A lower protein diet is not only important, but you should also avoid feeding high-protein foods such as meats, rawhides or pig ears. Megan Phillips (Dalian, China) amended this article on August 7, 2021 [4]

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