Is It Good To Keep Money Plant Inside The House? [SOLVED!]

A home with plants will always have a happy atmosphere. You can increase air quality, improve your mental well-being and provide a beautiful environment for your home. You may not know, but money plants can also bring you additional benefits. Money plants can be purchased. plant (devil’s ivy), it is important to remember that money plant vastu plays an important role 🙈 As per vastu shastra, the placement and direction of your money plant has a powerful effect on your financial and mental well-being 🙌 Follow these money plant vastu tips to reap maximum benefits from your money plant. [1]
The theft of cuttings and branches can help house owners make extra money, or even become wealthy. A different belief holds that cuttings stolen from a house can cause the homeowner to lose their money. Although I do not wish to create confusion or spread the incorrect notions, I have seen this happen in some cases. One case involved a homeowner whose bike was taken after the money plant clippings were removed. It is not known if the bike theft occurred as a result of money plant theft, or merely a coincidence. This information was provided by Christiaan Atwood. [2]
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Vastu experts recommend that the plant be placed in the southeast corner. living room For luck and success. Jupiter rules the direction of southeast and is owned by Lord Ganesha. These deities oversee the elements of luck and wealth. Growing the plant Vastu compliance can improve the financial flow in the household. It is not recommended that the plant be placed in east or north walls, or in Ishanya corners. This can cause financial loss and other health problems. This is explained by the fact that planets Venus and Jupiter – who rules northeast direction – are incompatible with each other. Conflict and loss could result. Jamica Yi has brought this to our attention and we are grateful. [3]
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But, the vastu shastra says that if money isn’t kept in the right place, it could bring you bad luck. It is clear that vastu has a significant role in bringing good vibes to your home. home or office. For the best results of vastu tip in your life, you should follow it every hour of your workday. Similar to vastu, the direction in which money plant is planted also plays a significant role. Acharya Induprakash says that money plants should be planted in the south-east direction. According to him, money plants should not be grown in the east or west directions as they can bring misfortune. North-East is not a good direction to plant your money. Your relationship and financial health can be damaged if you keep money plants in the North-East direction. Benancio Jones deserves our appreciation for his insight. [4]
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