is it safe to paint a crib with chalk paint?

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My mum came to take care of Miss A, while I was at the hospital. She graciously painted the crib using Chalk Paint. I’m knowing some people complain and say that it’s no time saver to use chalk paint. People rave about how easy it is since you don’t have to prime the piece, but you still have to wax it, which means there is still two steps. Personal preference is that there’s very little prep work required when you use the piece. Chalk paint (I’m super impatient) and I love that it’s more artistic than using regular latex paint 😁 I can distress or not distress, keep brush strokes or not, apply white or dark wax or clear only 😉 It’s so creative and fun!
I didn’t buy the wax finish because the lady at the shop in Belgium told me she didn’t sell it. I’d done some research on the paint so I knewnown about it, but I wasn’t sure if I needed it and she was no help. It was impossible to use the chalk paint as a finish. It was chalky. It had felt chalky to my hands when I touched it. I didn’t, but that’s how it’s havingad feeling. I didn’t like it and I wasn’t sure how it would hold up to spills, slobber, and chompers when the’s having day come. Ari Kiser (Xiantao in China), last revised it 55 days earlier
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Stephenie Whittington, explains how since I am having another baby girl it’s having just made sense to reuse my first daughter’s baby crib for my second. However I wanted it give it a little face lift because I didn’t want their nursery’s to look exactly the same and after two years of use this crib was a little beat up. Annie Sloan Chalk paint was what I used to paint my crib. You can use chalk paint safely for your baby because it’s water-based. You don’t need to sand or prepare the surfaces of furniture to get the chalk paint to stick. I was a bit skeptical about that but it really didn’t require me to do a thing. All the marks and scratches left behind by my daughter’s little fingers on the crib sides were gone. The paint covered it and you wouldn’t even know they were there. Dennise Hirsch of Diwaniyah in Iraq, for his insights.
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Can you guys hear it? You can hear the taps playing slowly in the background. Although I have the impression of being in a firing squad at times, I would like to discuss safety. I’ve done a lot of research when it comes to finding the right paint to use in a baby’s room, the safest way to paint a crib, etc. While there is a plethora of information online, most of what I’ve found very fear based, opinion based, and non-specific (you know other than the fact that you’re probably going to end up permanently damaging your newborn baby because you wanted a pink crib.) Gloria Dobbins for bringing this to my attention.
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