Is It Worth It To Sell On Poshmark?

It’s exactly the same as what I experienced. At first, Poshmark was exciting to me. Although I like Poshmark, the app, and I find it easy to use, my items are not selling well. Some of them were brand-new/never-used, listed at over 15% off retail prices. Poshmark seems to be a community of young girls who just want to have fun, share/like, and so on. But they have no money to spare. I was interested in selling on Poshmark because I’m having some really nice Italian-made bags, from major designers, like Bruno Magli and Mark Cross) – and they STILL DO NOT SELL 😁 I diddone sell an costume bracelet for $4 😎00! Also, half the price is usually offered by customers when they are interested in an item 🤓 I’m feeling “nickel & dimed”. The truth is that sellers will not make money selling second-hand items. It’s not Poshmark’s fault. However, I think their customers browsing do not recognize high-end products and can’t afford Poshmark’s price, which for me is still ridiculously affordable. Other designers are selling high-end items. Items – I always wonder if they ever sell These items are offered at the asking price. My two cents. [1]
“Exterior, interior, tags, and every single little imperfection you can find. Measurements are good to get too, but not always necessary–just make sure you have the item accessible in case a potential buyer asks for them. You can also find out the seller’s name and match it to your listing. For example, if I sell a cotton flannel shirt that Madewell sold as the “Felicia” shirt in the colourr “blue tide”, my title would read “Madewell Felicial cotton flannel shirt in Blue Tide”. Essentially, follow the formula of “ in .” (a massive thanks goes to Shoshana Flores for their feedback). [2]
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Tinamarie Paredes resellerbible.comThis article explains how Poshmark shoppers can become prima donnas. You will read any Poshmakr review and see how rude Poshmark customers can be. As of result of this plus other issues many sellers will ask “Is Poshmark worth it?” For example, you will sell an item on Ebay throw it in a plastic bag and call it a day. Poshmark allows you to sell the same item, but you must wrap it with a thank-you card and ribbon. If you don’t, your rating may be affected. Customers at Poshmark are viewed as prima donnas and those who nickel-and-dime you the most will be the ones causing you to nag the most. Then there is the endless comments and questions that you have answered already in the post or request to do things like “Try on” or ask for some obscure measurement like “can you measure the space between the buttons?” like ugghhh why does that matter?!!? Plus it will be on item for like $10 and I am not taking it out of storage to provide you with that…so GIRL BYE! Reddit is filled with memes related to this. You have to decide on Poshmark something I learnt a long time ago “some people cost too much to serve” if the sale If it’s not worth the effort, then get on with your life! Marshay Springer (Vadodara in India) is the one who told us this. [3]
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Prior to posting I do extensive research on the app and online in order to find other sellers or buyers. This helps me determine the maximum price I could sell an item for. Also, I look for items that have never been listed before to determine their MSRPs (Manufacturer Recommended Retail Price), official descriptions of the product and professional photographs taken under natural lighting. While I include photographs of every aspect of each item that I sell (with notes about wear and tear in the description), professional photos are used as the item’s main cover photo. Although they’re optional, I recommend that you add brand and colorr to every listing. Also, make sure you say yes to “new without tags” if the tag is still on something. Porcia Barlow, who pointed this out to us, is very grateful. [4]
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