Is Lasek Cheaper Than Lasik? [RESOLVED!]

LASIK is the most popular type of laser-assisted eye surgery. Laser-assisted, in-situ keratomileusis is more popularly known as LASIK. It uses a femtosecond to remove the cornea’s top layer and then fold it back to expose the stromal tissues at the core. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the femtosecond light creates gas bubbles that separate the corneal layer with focused and precise pulses. The excimer light is used to shape the stroma in a photoablation process. After the flap has been replaced, it will usually seal within one day without any further medical intervention (like stitches) 😊😁 [1]
When people talk about laser eye surgery, lots of them aren’t aware that there is more than one type available. We offer two at Optimax – LASIK and LASEK – and we’re going to discuss the variations between them, as well as identifying the different advantages for each. First, however, it’s important to note that the same lasers are used for LASIK and LASEK, both treatments cost £1,995 per eye at Optimax, and both produce outstanding results. While our optometrists are able to recommend the right treatment for you, there are some lifestyle factors that can help you decide if LASIK is better than LASEK. Comfort Staples of Hezhou (China) last revised this week [2]
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A special contact lens is applied to your eye after the laser has corrected your cornea. This will increase your comfort as your eye heals. This contact lens should be taken off within four days. Both eyes can be treated at the same time, just like LASIK. Many patients will see an improvement immediately, although it might take several days before your vision settles. The recovery process after LASEK can take slightly longer— usually a couple of weeks. The slightly longer recovery time of LASEK is a small compromise to make when it comes to correcting your vision for the long term with laser eye surgery— something that you wouldn’t be able to benefit from otherwise. Find out how much LASEK costs here. Mendel Wills and their valuable insights are greatly appreciated. [3]
At Further information is available. The reason why some people opt for PRK is because there’s no risk of flap displacement. Also, because PRK only removes the epithelium layer, and not a portion of the stroma layer as well, the structure of the cornea isn’t as directly compromised and exposed as in LASIK, where doctors dig deeper into the eye’s surface. This makes PRK an ideal option for those with a weak cornea. It also allows the surgeon to work. Well for military service Members or persons who are involved in high-impact, physical sports. Because there’s no risk of flap displacement, PRK makes a great choice for boxers and martial artists. Kenyetta Bateman is a big thank-you for this latest revision. [4] He also mentions how LASEK uses a special laser or microkeratome cutter, while LASIK uses a trephine-type cutting tool. LASEK procedures are generally more painful that LASIK. LASEK can be used for those with an extremely thin or high cornea. LASEK decreases the risk of LASIK procedures. A major difference between these two methods is the thickness of the flap. The thickness of the’s flap cutting by LASIK can be three times that of LASEK. This is the reason LASIK heals faster. [5]

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