(SOLVED!) Is Mypillow Really Good?

If you’ve ever been late-night channel surfing by the glow of your television, there’s a good chance you’ve seen an infomercial for MyPillow 🙈 Founded by Mike Lindell, the MyPillow pillow was engineered to offer sleepers of all styles comfortable, even pressure relief 🔥 While MyPillow Inc 🔥 The pillows are made from sheets and mattresses. There are 4 different pillow fill options available, each with its own loft and support. MyPillow Inc. Provides this service. Range of firmness and feel with the intention of accommodating everybody’s sleepy needsNo matter what your preference is, you can still be a good citizen. [1]
Wow! Because of all the great reviews, I delayed buying one. These reviews are mad! I’m mad at myself for listening to them! Year and a half ago I was hit hit with a massive amount of neck pain after jumping around like my old Self 16 years old on the trampoline. My 40-year-old self was having a lot of fun until the day after. My legs were a problem. I could not stand up, sit down or lie down. I was desperate to end my life. My cirvical spine was bulging with bulging disks. While I was asleep, the living room I’m laying on the floor with my back against the ground, and propped up on my stomach. Agony. It was a pain. I had seen a chiro three times a week, but it didn’t help. Before this pillow, I had had tried every other one. All of them are going in the rubbish! This pillow has been with me for three nights. 3! For 3 nights, I had slept through the night. It was so alarming that I had woken up this morning. Comfortable I didn’t want to get out of bed. Before that I was struggling with headaches, stiff necks, and migrating. Nerve pain My arms are down. I’m floored. I’m amazed. They are absolutely amazing. Family members. Still can’t believe it’s taking me so long. The 10-year warranty and that they can be washed in the dryer. Made in the USA! This is the miracle of my life, and I am your new spokesperson. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! [2]
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Further reading can be found at, looks like Mike Lindell went from crack addict to another millionaire that scams the public’s, just like you and me. It’s costing me $50 to buy the moccasins slippers. There was $13 for shipping. They are so small I can’t get them on without prying and tugging, and then they are super uncomfortable, like having elastic bandages wrapped around my feet. These things are just plain awful. This junk can be bought at Wal Mart, Academy or 7-11. It’s a scam! Mike with his US flag-draped body? They are all made in Cambodia. Beware people! (Thank you to Arun Lo and his team for revising). [3]
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We’ve tested many pillows here at The Slumber Yard and after completing our My Pillow reviews, we probably wouldn’t rank MyPillow among our favorites. We’re have wining’t argue with the fact that it’s comfortable and accommodating, but it might be a stretch to call it the “most comfortable pillow in the world.” Their prices are also something we can’t get past, since we think you can get a nicer pillow for around the same price. There’s just nothing that gives MyPillow an edge, and it definitely didn’t make us think “wow” when we’re have laying on it. We are grateful to Akiva Cordero. [4]
MyPillow delivered immediately and my surprise was immediate. I obviously didn’t watch the TV advert properly, because I was only expecting to take delivery of a single pillow. Two pillows are my preferred way to sleep so I was thrilled when I had found out that I had had actually received two. You can find this because the company was offering a Buy One and Get One Free offer on top of their 50% discount. So with the combined discounts that’s a saving of 75%. This is great news to you, readers. It means that I can provide a better review as I can directly compare the pillow with my current setup. Dishon McCain (Bengbu, China) last updated the review 73 Days ago [5]

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