is nob hill a good neighborhood?

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Polk Street features both fancy and divey restaurants, shops, and cafes side by side, as well as an assortment of popular bars with signature cocktails. Spillover from Chinatown to the east brings in plenty of small, ethnic food spots, and offbeat shops and dive bars can be found along the blurred edge of the Tenderloin to the south (this area is known as the “Tender Nob”) 👍 Most of the nightlife lies along the edges, so be prepared to climb up the hill after a night out 😉 However, the neighborhood is not less noisy for the lack of late night spots at its center — the centrality to the city center and its population density keeps it from feeling like a truly residential neighborhood. [1]
Better for buyers or renters? There is a lot of inventory because of density, but I’d say it’s better for rentals based on sheer volume of units. I was lucky enough to score a rent-controlled one-bedroom for under $2500/month (the neighborhood’s rich with apartments before 1979), but the average studio (as of October, 2016) rents for $2,425 and a one-bedroom rents for $2,995/month. Need a 4-bedroom? Those are averaging $7,900/month. It gets way more expensive when it comes to buying property. The median price per square foot in Nob Hill right now is $1,127, and the median sale per square foot is $1,150. This isn’t a good neighborhood for starter homes, but is a great place for renting longterm. (last modified 46 days ago by Denea Lott from Kazan, Russia) [2]
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Based on further reading from, offering up seven move-in-ready neighborhoods or cities in the Bay Area, a region in the throes of a housing crisis and widespread displacement, is ripe for ridicule. Neighborhoods like San Francisco’s Mission District or Oakland’s Uptown are poster children for gentrification gone awry. Areas like Hayes Valley or Divisadero, while studded with lovely boutiques and artisan fare, are inaccessible due to soaring costs. The Sunset District and literally anywhere in Marin County have failed to do their part in the housing crisis. And spots like Palo Alto or Duboce Triangle are now strictly for the Arc’Teryx vest-wearing set talking about startups or the intersection of art and technology. Oof. (nice one to Byan Hirsch from Pingdingshan Henan, China for telling us). [3]
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It is not surprising to note that places with highly-rated public schools tend to have relatively higher home prices because of the perpetual demand for those neighborhoods. If you have children or plan on having in the future, checking out the nearby schools and their ratings is a good idea. The New School of San Francisco (#39 in metro) is among 3 A+/A rated public elementary schools in the district. Claire Lilienthal Elementary (#279 in state) is among 10 A+/A/A- rated public middle schools in the district. Lowell High School (#10 in metro), Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts (#206 in state) are among 3 A+/A rated public high schools in the district. (last edited 61 days ago by Tavian Squires from Putian, China) [4]
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