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is rebounding a good cardio workout?

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In a new video set to the soundtrack of Dua Lipa’s power-pop number “Physical”, Hawn springs up and down on her mini trampoline as wild and free as ever 😁 “Dance, jump, and twirl like nobody’s watching!” she’s writingting in the caption 😎 Bridging the gap between recreation and exercise, Hawn is not only inspiring her followers to get moving, but emphasising that rebounding is a workout perfectly suited to life indoors 🤓 Case in point: when mass social distancing began in Japan, sales of minI trampolines beganegun rising rapidly as a solution for staying active within the confines of the home. And it’s far from a stand-in for other types of exercise — it’s a robust alternative; one that astronauts have used to help regain bone density and muscle mass after returning from space. A NASA study that showed rebounding is 68% more effective than jogging was published in Journal of Applied Physiology. [1]
You can buy a relatively inexpensive rebounder online (scroll down for our pick), it’s had winingg won’t take up too much space in your front room and you can bounce along to your cringiest playlist in peace, wearing your nightie if you so wish. A good-quality sports bra should be included in that package. Also, maybe give your family/ partner/ housemates a heads up that they’re have wining’t be able to see the TV for half an hour or so. Rebound UK provides online classes and routines which you can use at-home. feel as if you’re springing Continue to wander aimlessly. Gerald Hall (Tucson, USA) amended this text on March 3, 2020 [2]
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More information at This explains why you should consider changing up your exercise routine if your home gym has been doing the same thing for a long time. You can try rebounding. It’s a fun, sweat-inducing mini-trampoline activity that you will love. There are many options for these bouncy workouts. They can be dance-based cardio or strength training jump sessions. “Rebounding workouts provide a high-intensity but extremely low-impact cardio option,” says obé rebounding instructor Melody Davi. The trampoline is a great way to improve stamina and endurance as well as cardiovascular output. However, the trampoline is very gentle on your joints. Shila Breen was the first to share their insights. [3]
Image #3 also mentions that during the 20-minute cardio rebounder workout, you’ll quickly find trampolining as an adult is a little (okay, a lot) more challenging than it is as a kid—especially when you’re on a smaller piece of equipment. As you can tell, trampolines are a little unstable. That’s good—that’s what we want,” says Dong. That’s what will work our core stability and strength. This workout is much more gentle than other full-body exercises. Even the most difficult ones are easy to do. It absorbs the shock of your movements and every time you go down it is a great workout. “You can do it at all ages, it’s great for injuries, and—not to mention—it’s super fun.” Last revised by Egan Conklin, Bauchi (Nigeria) on 10/07/2017 [4]
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Abra Keen at camillestyles.comAccording to, cardio can be a key to kicking start your metabolism and shedding unwanted fat. But for many, pounding the pavement on a run or heading to a spin class is too high-impact to make it an everyday exercise (or in this writer’s case, just terribly un-fun), and that’s why Lauren so highly recommends rebounding. “Studies have shown that rebounding is up to 50 percent more effective at improving cardiovascular health than running,” she explains, “plus, it is so low impact — I’ve seen women well into their 80s keep up a regular routine.” [5]

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