[SOLVED] Is Redwood Good For Decking?

Redwood is a great for the environmentally saavy builder. The redwood forests used for lumber are huge spongess of carbon dioxie and pump oxygen back into the air like reverse power plants! The greenhouse gas is stored in the wood fiber of the trees, so the environmental impact is minimal, as long as you don’t go setting it on fire once you buy it (which brings us to the next point) 🤓 The thick grooved bark of coastal redwood means it is very resistant to fire, disease and insect attack, meaning this hardy tree is one of the most sustainable building materials used today!
What if you could host an al fresco dinner party out on a private deck? Or watch the sunset with a cocktail in tow after a long workday? Decks are a place for reflection as much as recreation, whether yours is surrounding an in-ground swimming pool or as a balcony extension in the front or backyard. As with many outdoor features, the options when embarking on a deck design, can feel overwhelming. Let’s start with the basics: choosing the right decking materials to set a strong foundation, both visually and functionally. From fiberglass to concrete, grass, and all types of woods, there are lots of great materials to choose between. (edited by Ethan Howard from Poznan, Poland on January 18, 2020)
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Any homeowner will find a classic wood deck indispensable. It will give any home a stylish flair and a practical space in which they can unwind. It also adds value to a house should the owner decide to sell it. While wood might prove to be more aesthetically pleasing compared to composites, vinyl, and other materials that can be used to build a deck, you need to choose the kind of wood you for the structure very carefully. You have to consider what you’ll use the deck for, as well as the climate of the area where you live. Let’s take a look at a few kinds of wood deck materials that you can choose from. (nice one to Kisha Swenson from Tirupati, India for telling us about this).
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Composite and PVC decking are popular because they’re virtually maintenance free. Both types are extremely weather-resistant, easy to clean, and neither will ever splinter, warp, cup, or rot. And they don’t require sanding or staining. They’re available in a variety of colors and each features a wood-grain texture that—from a distance—looks like natural wood. Although many homeowners think composites do a better job of mimicking real wood than does PVC. But PVC decking is much lighter than composite decking, so it’s easier to carry and lift into place. And it’s worth mentioning that most composite decking and plastic decking manufacturers also offer a line of matching handrails, balusters, and fascias.
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