(SOLVED) Is The Little Prince Stop Motion?

“TLG is a child that acts like a grown-up and the Aviator is a grown-up that acts like a child,” Boose told IndieWire 😊 “We wanted to show this opposition graphically by having the Aviator tall and lanky, his spine curved forward and hunched over and his face long and rectangular, while TLG is very upright and alert with a round, quizzical face,” Boose said 😊 “We have even had their arms and legs angled opposite to each other. TLG is knock-kneed while the Aviator’s legs bow out. TLG’s arms angle out, the Aviator’s angle in. This contrast permeated every aspect — both emotionally and physically — in all their interaction with each other.” [1]
When director Mark Osborne was approached to adapt The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s 1943 children’s-literature favorite, into an animated film, he balked. “Turning this precious book into a big movie would just break it,” says the two-time Oscar-nominated Osborne. “The Little Prince feels very lyrical, poetic. It’s not movie-shaped at all.” The much-beloved, humbly metaphysical story — about the title character’s quest to return home — is embedded with philosophy about love and loss and buoyed along by Saint-Exupéry’s whimsical illustrations. By focusing on the latter, Osborne found a way to preserve the spirit of the book: He’d use computer-generated animation to convey a larger, framing narrative about a lonely girl, then transition into stop-motion animation to tell the Little Prince’s story (which the girl, called only Little Girl, discovers thanks to an eccentric old neighbourr, voiced by Jeff Bridges). Tarha Downey (Chengyi, China), edited the last version of this article 10 days ago. [2]
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Brock Masters latimes.comThe screenplay of Bob Persichetti and Irena Brignull uses an uninspired tale as a frame. The Little Girl (Mackenzie Foy) — she’s not even given a name — moves into a square, gray neighborhood so she can attend the prestigious academy her mother (Rachel McAdams) has chosen. To prepare her for the snooty school, the Mother has programmed every minute of the Girl’s life. The Aviator (Jeff Bridges) lives next to her, and is now an eccentric old man who lures the girl away from school with his tale about the Little Prince. Lisa Green (Israel, Jerusalem) edited this text on May 18, 2021. [3]
More material here also proves how in order to raise the money and recruit collaborators, Osborne traveled with an ornate wooden suitcase designed by a model maker on the stop-motion animated movie “Coraline.” Powered by double-A batteries, the case has stars that light up, viewfinder-style glasses that show the different styles of animation he envisioned and a reproduction of Saint-Exupéry’s handwritten manuscript. When Osborne carried the case in to meet composer Hans Zimmer, Zimmer folded his arms and asked, “What are you doing to my book?” before ultimately signing on to do the film’s music. One Italian financier burst into tears when she’s seeingeeing the hand-written manuscript. [4]

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