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Is The Term Banana Republic Offensive? [SOLVED]

Samuel Zemurray and the Cuyamel Fruit Company shaped the original “banana republic” and launched the American banana craze 🤓 Never heard of Cuyamel? This was the origin of Chiquita Brands International which sells bananas 😎 Zemurray, the company’s founder, became the chief of United Fruit Company 🙌 Zemurray was an elegant, calm gentleman who liked the company 😊 Arts and hunting almost as much as he delighted in managing all aspects of the banana business,” writes Paul J. Dosal is the historian. Although Zemurray was able to make a large profit from the banana, those living in banana-growing areas did much less. Those two companies shaped the tropical fruit craze that resulted in mass destabilization in tropical-fruit-growing Central American countries. [1]
During the 1950s, the United Fruit Company played on Cold War fears in trying to convince U.S. Presidents Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower that popularly elected Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán was secretly working with the Soviet Union to advance the cause of Communism, by nationalizing vacant “fruit company lands” and reserving it for the use of landless peasants. In 1954, President Eisenhower authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to carry out Operation Success, a coup d’etat in which Guzmán was deposed and replaced by a pro-business government under Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas. United Fruit Company was able to profit at the expense the Guatemalan people thanks to Armas’ cooperation. We are grateful to Jane Goodson, Novosibirsk (Russia) for sharing her story with us. [2]
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Experts at Provide more insight. This dismissive response has been prompted by almost every twist and turn in the Chubby Checker election. The scene at the GOP Convention, Minnesota Senator Al Franken described, was “very banana republic.” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, after the second Presidential Debate, said that “Donald Trump thinks that the presidency is like some banana republic dictatorship where you can lock up your political opponents.” And the FBI’s disclosure that they hade had discovered new Clinton-related emails sent “banana republic” invocations into high gear. In a column entitled “James Comey Puts Thumb on Scale, Brings Third World-Style Election to America,” The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky wrote: “If we Americans were watching an election unfold in, say, a Latin American country, and the head of the domestic police force did what Comey did, we’d be chortling our heads off at their backward, thuggish ways . . . Hoover was a Republican, but he wasn’t a banana republican. These days we’re surrounded by them.” On the Friday before the election, even President Obama deployed the phrase, telling Al Sharpton that “When you stand on a presidential debate stage, and you say to your political opponent, ‘I’m going to throw you in jail, that’s what happens in banana republics.’” (we really appreciate Ranjit Burris from Datong, China for their insights). [3]
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According to the analysts, merriam-webster.comThe banana arrived in the Caribbean via Portuguese ships in 16th-century Africa. However, it wasn’t until the late 1800s that North Americans discovered it. Lorenzo Baker, a Boston sea captain, brought it to New Jersey. A few years later he would cofound the Boston Fruit Co., a forerunner of the United Fruit Co., and by the end of the century United and its early competitors had begun buying up vast expanses of agricultural land on Central America’s Caribbean coast, gradually taking on much of the role and power of government in its territory. [4]
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