is there a difference in spark plug wires?

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For high performance applications that use a modern ignition or have sensitive electronic communications that can be affected by EMI, spiral core wires are the way to go ๐Ÿ˜ Their low resistance ensures maximum voltage at the plugs, making it ideal for applications with higher cylinder pressures and more fuel ๐Ÿ™Œ On the other hand, spiral core ignition wires are often the most expensive of the three options, especially when opting for a larger-diameter wire such as an 8.5mm-10.4mm. These are most handy in applications using a lot of electronics such as fuel injection, two- and three-step modules, or delay boxes. Simply stated, these larger wires offer a thicker layer of insulation to stop any chances of EMI/RFI that may affect performance.
On the surface, spark plug wires are a pretty basic part they carry spark energy from the distributor (or coil) to the spark plugs. But when you actually go to purchase a set, you find out that there are a million different kinds with many different features. It can be difficult to figure out what is best for your application. Thankfully we stumbled upon this helpful blog on Accel’s website that helps make things easier. The fact that Accel carries 8 different kinds of plug wires highlights the issue. Rather than reiterate the info in Accel’s blog, I’m going to give you an even simpler take on how to chose the best spark plug wire. First you need to figure out what the application is and work from there. (credit to Trammell Rodriguez for telling us).
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Based on an article from, there are a myriad of articles on the Internet devoted to ignition systems. The science of creating and conducting an electrical charge and sending it to a spark plug is nothing new. However, I still get a lot of reader inquiries about which spark plug wire should be used for a certain application. Whether youโ€™re selecting a set of wires for your daily driver, weekend cruiser, or race car, you need to get the right info to make an informed selection. Thatโ€™s why I decided to have a confab with the plug wire professionals at Accel Performance and MSD Performance. (cheers to Teresa Squires for their revisions). goes on to mention how replace each wire one at a time to avoid mixing up the firing order (very important!). Start with the longest plug wire(s) and go to the shortest or vice versa. If you mix up the firing order, the engine may not start or it may pop and backfire. This may damage the engine so always double-check the firing order if you are unsure. Refer to the firing order in a service manual or markings on the intake manifold, plug wires or distributor cap (if used). Note: Different vehicle manufacturers number they cylinders differently so make sure you know which plug is number one and how the cylinder banks are numbered. (a big thank you goes to Shelbe Seals from Kayseri, Turkey for pointing this out to us).
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