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[Solved] Is Visa A Blue Chip Stock?

Some blue-chip stalwarts in the past have been dropped from different lists. The Dow Jones, for example, has changed its exclusive 30-member blue-chip list 57 times over its 124 year history. This most recent change was in 2020. Recently, the index replaced Raytheon, Pfizer and Exxon with and Amgen as well as Honeywell International. The Dow pushed out the former trio because Raytheon had recently merged with United Technologies, while Exxon and Pfizer were a bit redundant since there’s already another oil stock (Chevron) and pharmaceutical stock (Merck) on the list 😊 It added the latter trio to increase its exposure to technology stocks, add a biotech stock, and bring back a former long-standing Dow stock, respectively πŸ™Œ It is possible to compile a stock list of blue chips that requires more skill than science, as this reasoning illustrates 😎 [1]
In sports, a blue-chip prospect is thought to be a can’t-miss talent β€” someone who will excel at the game no matter what obstacles are thrown. The blue chips can be considered safe investments with high ceilings and potential limitless earnings. The same goes for blue chip stocks. Blue chip investors want to be confident that they will succeed in the future. Although stocks can be risky investments, blue chips often have the best return/risk ratio. Here are 10 stocks that have been very popular and will continue to be successful if you wish to include blue-chip stocks in your portfolio. [2]
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Investors looking to secure returns in volatile markets will be pleased with blue-chip stocks., Inc., Apple Inc., UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, NASDAQ: UNH, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ : MSFT), among others. Their earnings have remained stable during the Covid-19 pandemic., Inc., (NASDAQ: AMZN), reported an increase of 200% in profit in 2020, due to online shopping. These companies have also delivered solid returns for shareholders over the years. Apple Inc. Shares (NASDAQ:AAPL) gained 4420% over the last five years. Similar results have been achieved by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ; MSFT) in the last six months. [4]