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should crawl space be ventilated?

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We’ve seen the correlation in crawl spaces All over our service area. The ones that have open ventilation are often the most affected crawl spaces. There is also scientific evidence to support our findings. Advanced Energy is an energy consultancy firm that’s not for profit. They are available to assist electric utilities and government in all aspects of electric transport markets, including residential, commercial and industrial. These experts develop practical solutions for energy-related problems. They have conducted extensive research on ventilation in crawl spaces of homes throughout the United States, working with HVAC specialists and builders. Their website has more information, but here are the highlights. Suweon (South Korea) on 02/12/2019
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The impact of a flooded crawl space doesn’t just stop beneath your house, however; it can actually cause issues throughout the home, even all the way up to the attic. Through a phenomenon known as the “stack effect,” the air from your crawl space moves up through the house and escapes through the vents In your attic. Our crawl spaces account for 40% of the air that we inhale on the first floor. The crawl space can become flooded and the humidity in the house will make it humid. Attic vents These systems are not designed to deal with more water than they can handle. This leads to more moisture in your crawl space and attic, leading to the growth of mould, mildew and other water-related problems above and beyond your living space. Matthew A. Valencia, Spain, January 31, 2021
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There are two types of louvers that can shut off crawlspace vents: manually operated louvers or thermostatically controlled louvers. Even though louvers can allow crawlspace ventilation with minimal energy loss, this is not likely to last the lifetime of the house. There are numerous reports of malfunctions. They are not useful if they stop working in the open position. However, if the louvers fail in closed mode, owners will no longer have access to ventilation. Unvented crawlspaces that are mechanically conditioned should be constructed unless a foolproof device or very high maintenance levels are possible.
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According to analysts rlcengineering.comThe next step is the updating of code requirements. The Minimum Property Standards of 1958 state “At least 4 foundation wall ventilators shall be provided, one located close to each corner of the space, having an aggregate net free ventilating area not less than 1/150 of the area of the basementless spaces, or ground surface treatment in the form of a vapor barrier material…plus at least 2 foundation wall ventilators having an aggregate net free ventilating area not less than 1/1500 of the area of the basementless space.” The only difference I’m seeing between this 1958 code and the 2000 IRC code is that today we require a minimum of four vents at the 1/1500 ventilation level.
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