Should I'm Get Dark Hardwood Floors? (SOLVED)

Another top tip in helping to create space goes against the rule of laying the boards lengthways along the length of the room rather than than across the breadth 🤓 Depending on the layout of the small room, you may discover that laying the floor on a diagonal helps to give the room a greater sprawl than can be achieved following the usual rules 😎 Talk to one of our experts if you have any questions about how to lay hardwood flooring in a small space 😊
Keep in mind, however that stain colors can vary depending on what species of wood they have are made from (e.g. Red oak vs. White oak…white oak is a bit darker) and grade of wood (lower grades have more colourr variation I.e. These boards will be darker if they are darker. Lighting is an important factor. Home can have an impact on how dark the floors look. Wood will get darker over time. The same stain can easily look different in different houses, so it’s best to test it on your floors before committing to the exact stain colourr. You will also find different colours among planks. It is worth seeing the stain on a greater area of planks than you would see in the larger ones.
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#6: Hides dirt. Light is a great thing. Hardwood floors It is, however, a problem. Knowing when hardwood is in season for me is preferable. Floors are dirty and need a good clean! Maybe it’s just me and my personality, but if my floors didn’t appear dirty, they could go XYZ amount of time before I gaveiven them any attention! (But I don’t have a house cleaner, and I’ve found I don’t like sticking to a strict housecleaning schedule. With everything we have going on in our lives, I’ve found I’m doing so much better and enjoy cleaning so much more when I’m doing it either as-needed, or as-when-it-bugs-me!? I’m visual, and so I like visual reminders.)
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Additional reading at, dark hardwood floors show scratches, animal hair, and dirt more, so unless you’re pet-free or have a housekeeper, prepare for a lot of time spent cleaning up if you want to keep your floors looking flawless. You could consider a robotic sweeper to help prevent your underfoot looking messy. The best results for dark hardwoods are achieved with an additional layer of polyurethane or sealant. They may also cost a little more upfront. Also, dark floors may make your room appear smaller if it has a lot more furniture or is low lit. Consider the ceiling height and lighting conditions before insisting on a pitch-black stain for your hardwood floors. If you find any of the above to be sub-optimal, then admit it: dark is not for everyone. Wood floors This could cause a cave effect. Last revised by Carnell Wray, Duesseldorf (Germany) 87 days ago
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