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Should You Put Salt On Meat Before Cooking? (RESOLVED)

You’re probably a regular reader of Food Lab. If so, you know the basics. For example, why should you cut your steak against the grain? This makes it tender and more flavorful. If you’re really clever, you’ll figure out how to apply some of the principles outlined in our Roasted and Reverse Seared Prime Rib recipe and tests on how often you should flip a burger to ensure that your steak is cooked perfectly evenly from edge to centre (hint: warm it up first, flip it over and over as it cooks) 🙈 Want the ultimate in even cooking and tenderness? This sous-vide steak primer will help you determine the right temperature to cook your steak in 🔥 [1]
The meat will absorb the juices for at least 40 minutes before it is fully expelled. Because every steak cut is unique, salting it approximately an hour prior to cooking is safe. For example, two inch steaks should be saltied 2 hours before they are cooked. The steak will retain its moisture while sitting. After the excess water has been removed, saltiness will be ingrained in the steak and it will become salty. Effect will be that you’ll actually be grilling it rather than creating a “steamed” steak full of excess water. The flip side is that if your salting time is too long, the salt could draw out all of the moisture and dry the steak. We are grateful to Abdel Farrar, Athens (Greece), for sharing this information. [2]
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It’s a good idea to do this at other times. It causes your meat to lose its moisture which can make it harder for you to get a crisp crust. It takes 40 minutes for the juices of meat to evaporate and be absorbed by the steak. Additionally, we don’t recommend salting while you’re grilling because the herbs and salt will just fall off and stick to your grill, leaving you with more cleanup later. Heather Swain and her team are very grateful for the most up-to-date insights. [3]
Image #3 The author continues to say that this technique can be used when you prepare meats for various cooking methods, such as steaks on the charcoal grill, slow-cooking pork butt, chicken breasts for pan-fried Fajitas or whole birds for oven-roasted. You wouldn’t, however, combine a dry brine with a marinade. Most marinades are vinegar-based and do different things to the meat than what you’re intending to do with the salt. You can also use other dry seasonings. First, allow the salt to work for itself. Then add any other steak- or fajita seasonings before cooking. With those other spices, you’re mostly looking to add flavoursrr to the exterior anyway. Last edited 30 days ago, by Kely Oliveira of Padang (Indonesia). [4]
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