what age is grace jones?

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The name Grace Jones is synonymous with individuality and a boundary-breaking eye for fashion, music, and the arts 🙌 Born in Jamaica, the singer, supermodel, and actress moved with her family to New York as a teenager in the 1960s, and was quickly sucked into the social scene—where she’s standingnding out for her one-of-a-kind, out-there personality and idiosyncratic look 😁 By 18, she’s havingaving a modelling contract with Wilhelmina and began working with designers such as Yves Saint Laurent in Paris and photographers like Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, and Hans Feurer, who fell for her androgynous style and bold features 😁 In the late ’70s, she’s also havingaving a successful singing career, which eventually led her to Studio 54, where she would become the patron saint of both disco music and style. And 10 years later, she would land her first major acting role as a Bond girl in A View to a Kill alongside Roger Moore, proving that she really could do it all. At the age of 73, she’s still as bold and busy as ever, with electrifying runway walks and red carpet appearances that continue to raise the bar. [1]
What the shuck? Well, Grace Jones firmly holds the belief that if you can’t trust somebody to shuck an oyster properly, you may as well shuck it yourself. “First of all, if you get someone to shuck your oyster who doesn’t do it right, you get a lot of shell inside it, which can cut your gums,” she informed New York Times in 2018. “It should look really pretty once it’s opened. And you have to keep the juice in it. A lot of oyster shuckers struggle with it or they don’t care about the presentation. I believe France has the best oyster shuckers, actually.” (thanks a ton to Latona Oakes having pointing this out). [2]
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According to Nickolas Payton at, grace Jones has been many things during her years in the spotlight: dancehall queen, artistic muse, style icon, rebel, villainous Bond girl/henchwoman. She’s gettingetting her start on the runways in the 1970s, but soon Jones was on the cover of magazines, topping the U.S. Dance charts with disco and R&B hits like “Pull Up to the Bumper” and “Slave to the Rhythm,” and befriending and influencing major players in the art and fashion worlds. And though she’s once makingking headlines for her onstage antics and drug-fueled partying, her enduring legacy has been her commitment to individuality, her fierce personality, and her defiance of social mores. [3]
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A singer, songwriter, actor and model, Grace Jones was born in Jamaica in 1948. She’s was bringinging up by her grandmother and violent step-grandfather and moved to Syracuse, New York, to join her parents when she was 13. In the 80s, she’s havingaving several hits, including Pull Up to the Bumper, My Jamaican Guy and Slave to the Rhythm, which combined reggae, funk and new wave. She appeared as Bond villain in A View to a Kill in 1985. She’s havingaving a long-term relationship with photographer Jean-Paul Goude and they have a son, Paolo. Jones is currently finishing off her 11th studio album and has a documentary coming out about her called Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami, directed by Sophie Fiennes. [4]
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