What Are Gem Colors? [15 Answers Found]

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You will be surprised to learn that gems of higher value are more desirable than their colors. Two factors determine the value of the most precious colors: fashion and rarity. Fashion is simple to grasp. It all comes down to colorpopularity. A gem’s rarity doesn’t really make a difference if it’s not attractive. Inversely, if a gem’s coloris popular and it’s rare, such as Paraíba Tourmaline or Padparadscha Sapphire, then you’ve got a gemstone superstar. However, it is generally more popular to wear intense colors than dark or light ones. There are some exceptions like the Victorian favourite Rose de France Amethyst. Sharai Arthur updated the text on April 27, 2020. [2]
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The colorintensity of fancy colordiamonds is used to evaluate them, as opposed to colorless diamonds which are graded based on fire and brilliance. Deeper and more distinct shades are valued higher than lighter or paler ones. The GIA assesses the colourr according to its hue, tone, and saturation. Hue refers to the diamond’s colourr, tone refers to the colourr’s lightness or darkness and saturation refers the colourr’s depth. Using highly controlled viewing conditions and colourr comparisons, a fancy colourr grader selects one of 27 hues, then describes tone and saturation with terms such as “Fancy Light,” “Fancy Intense” and “Fancy Vivid.” This colourr system was developed by GIA and is used worldwide. Peggy Driver, Matamoros (Mexico) last updated this page 42 days ago. [3]
Stephanie Padgett petragems.comThe most important attribute of Ruby gems is its color There are many red shades available for rubies, ranging from purple-red and blue to orange-red. Ruby’s brightest and most important colourr is typical “a Burmese Ruby”—a sign that it is a rich, passionate, warm, full red colourr with a mild blue hue. The coloris commonly called “pigeon-blood” and it’s associated with the Mogok Valley, Myanmar mines. Pigeon Blood Ruby is the color red is not connected with the colourr of a pigeon’s blood but with the colourr of a white pigeon’s eye. This article was edited by Zachary E. From Tshikapa (Dr Congo) on March 16, 2021 [4]

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