what are pros and cons of the internet?

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1 πŸ™Œ A Breeding Ground For Illegal ActivityOne of the unintended consequences of the internet has been the immense amount of illegal and dangerous activity that it has harbored and perpetuated 😊 The ease of information has given insight for burglaries, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and many other types of crimes. The internet also led to a new type of crime, which is quite different. Piratery is the illegal downloading of music and movies without consent. It is possibly the most committed crime in today’s society, because people simply do not view it as a true problem. Artists, software developers and producers would disagree. You used to have to pay to see new movies or hear new songs before the internet. But now you can get them free of charge. [1]
1. The internet makes it easier to conduct meetings remotely. Employees can now be located anywhere in the world, or even in different countries. homes can join company meetings without having to commute to the office. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol allows meeting participants to communicate without needing to travel. Businesses can save significant money by using VoIP to communicate with their clients. [2]
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5. Exploitation is an extremely serious issue. Our internet connection has not allowed our laws to catch up. Even though revenge porn acts can cause serious harm to victims, 15 US states still have no law regarding this type of conduct as of 2017. Ransomware is another threat that hackers are using to gain access to files, refusing to give them up for ransom. Only California has attempted to tackle the problem. The result is that exploitation may occur in several ways. Victims might have no recourse. [3]
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First of all, using the internet, one can communicate with almost anyone anywhere in the world over the Internet. social media You can also use e-mail to communicate with your friend without leaving his home. The internet allowed for people to communicate in a very short time. E-mail allows you to quickly and easily send an email to anyone in the world. E-mail is a common tool for business communication. E-mail allows businesses to communicate with customers and vendors around the globe in record time. E-mail has made personal communication easier. Video conferencing, chat rooms and video conferencing are the latest innovations in technology. These have made it possible for people to communicate in real-time. There are many messenger services available. These services make it easy to build a friendship across the globe. People within organizations can also communicate with each other and share information via the internet. [4]

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