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(Solved) What Are Some Fun Facts About Christmas In Germany?

A big part of the Christmas celebrations in Germany is Advent ๐Ÿ˜Ž Several different types of Advent calendars are used in German homes ๐Ÿ‘ There are many types of Advent calendars, including the classic one that is made from card and used throughout other countries ๐Ÿ™Œ Each bag and box contains a small present. A ‘Advent Kranz is another type. It had is made up of four candles and a circle of fir branches. These are similar to Advent candles, which can be found in Churches. Each week, one candle is lit. [1]
Family celebrations of Nikolaustag or Saint Nicholas Day are held on December 6. A’real Saint Nicholas’ is often dressed in traditional attire. Red coat and hat and wearing a white beard, to hide the father of a family friend – sometimes, even his terrifying helper “Knecht Ruprecht”, who is usually dressed in black, comes to the homes and visits the young children. The children are asked if their year was good and they bring small gifts and reprimand those who have not been so good. This is usually a festive and joyful occasion that involves family members and friends. Christmas songs are often sung. Many children will be asked to recite and prepare a poem for St Nicholas that night. Find some English Christmas poems that are popular, and easy-to-learn here. Antwain SLaughter updated this article on August 23, 2019, [2]
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Most Americans will tell you that the Christmas season doesnโ€™t start until the day after Thanksgiving. In Germany, Christmas is celebrated on the First Advent Sunday. This Sunday marks four Sundays prior to Christmas. Advent calendars are much more popular in Germany, as well as an Advent wreath that holds four candles โ€“ one for each Sunday during Advent. Each Sunday, families gather to light one candle each and to sing Christmas songs. In years past, Germans didnโ€™t put up their Christmas tree until Christmas Eve โ€“ so the’s having wreath held more importance as the go-to evergreen in the days leading up to Christmas. Kerrin Head is a great source of information. [3]
Image #3 This explains why st Nicholas Day has become a popular holiday among German children. Children polish and clean their boots on the evening of December 5th and then leave them out the front door to go to bed. The next morning they wake up to find their boots filled with candy and nuts as well as small gifts from St Nicholas. He also makes an appearance in shopping malls and childrenโ€™s clubs. Santa Claus may be popular in Germany too, but St Nicholas is more significant than his American counterpart. Although St Nicholas Day can also be observed in some other Western Christian nations, the manner of celebrating it varies between countries. [4]
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