what are the 3 gateway drugs?

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Just because you have a family member or friend using one of the aforementioned gateway drugs does not necessarily guarantee he or she is going to wind up as a drug addict; however, it does provide you with a valid reason to be concerned 👍 Take time to ensure that your loved one is fully aware of the risks and offer your assistance in being available to listen and talk about your loved one’s problems 🙌 It is more common for people to become addicted to drugs because of stressful or overwhelming life circumstances 🔥 You are in a perfect position to be there for your loved ones and help them avoid that fate. [1]
According to some research, marijuana may be more addictive than illicit or licit drugs45. One example is a study using longitudinal data from the National Epidemiological Study of Alcohol Use and Related Disorders found that adults who reported marijuana use during the first wave of the survey were more likely than adults who did not use marijuana to develop An alcohol misuse disorder that develops within three years. People who have used marijuana in the past are more likely to get an addiction. Flint Quintanilla, Ahmedabad (India) for sharing this information. [2]
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Based on an article by ashwoodrecovery.comThere is a distinction between causation and correlation. Addiction to these drugs is often a result of other factors. Many people think it’s about the risks of using these substances. Both of these factors should be considered when evaluating gateway drugs. Perhaps we should start by understanding what gateway drug use actually is. Consider this insight from an academic study on the gateway theory: “The concept of ‘gateway hypothesis’ has been studied since the 1970s as the theory suggests that an adolescent’s early experimentation with alcohol or tobacco or cannabis escalates to more addictive illicit drugs later in adulthood Although the evidence suggests that substance use dependence may also occur with the initial drug experimentation of commonly available legal substances, continual use over time may increase the likelihood of developing risks for substance use disorders and other substance-related illnesses.” ~ Stephen Nikansah-Amankraa & Mark Mineliib The authors are saying that these three substances may lead to addiction. The abuse of prescription opioids, cannabis and alcohol is linked directly to substance use. This holds true even if substance abuse begins earlier in life. Before jumping into how alcohol, marijuana and prescription opioids work as gateway drugs, let’s first cover the risk factors for addiction that come into play. Silverio KEENE, September 21st 2020. Edited. [3] This explains why many people smoke cigarettes as a second habit, much like drinking coffee. It is often a way to get into the world of hard drugs. After all, if someone starts to smoke, they will soon become more comfortable with the idea of taking a drug. It may seem like a minor leap to go from using cigarettes to smoking marijuana or taking coke in order to be more happy or have fun at parties. The social acceptance of smoking cigarettes is high. This has been made even greater by the popularity of vaping tobacco and the E-cigarette. E-cigarettes have been linked to a higher rate of young smokers, according to recent studies. E-cigarettes should be used to quit smoking. However, E-cigarettes may actually make it more popular. The same goes for young smokers. They are more likely to use drugs. This article was last revised on November 1, 2018 by Aarika locklear of Wuhu Anhui in China. [4]

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