What Are The 9 Pmbok Knowledge Areas? (RESOLVED!)

Poor project communications can wreck havoc on your project progress 😉 Moreover, it can take your project towards failure 😁 If you are going to be able to successfully complete your projects, everyone in the team must agree on everything 🙌 They should also work in a group to accomplish the shared goal. You must communicate regularly and effectively if this is to occur. Project managers can enhance collaboration and communication among Task management software allows them to communicate with their teams and collaborate by using it. Below are some key tasks project managers should perform in order to keep communication open throughout the project. [1]
Project Quality Management ensures the project is meeting the specifications. They monitor and analyze project performance to determine overall performance. Quality standards set out in the project-planning process to assure that the customer will receive the product or service They think they have bought. You must include project quality checks in your project schedule. Make sure you also manage these with your client, team members and clients using Seavus Project Viewer. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project and is cost-effective. Credit to Annessa Madison, Cuernavaca (Mexico) for her insight. [2]
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Claribel Buchman claims that the following: edureka.coThe first step in Project Integration is to prepare the Charter. This charter serves as the guideline for project managers and the team that will be investigating the details of each project. Based on which, the Project Management plan is made and given for execution when moving from initiation to planning phase, after which the whole responsibility of execution starts with managing & direction of the project work, preparation of the project knowledge and facts to be presented across to the different stakeholders and monitory agencies.In the Project integration, monitoring and controlling phase has a lot of importance with the monitoring and controlling team looking to make the best of the work Completed along with any required change management in due course of ongoing project. We are grateful to Karisha Morgan who shared her knowledge. [3]
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Scope Management Knowledge Area’s main focus is on the documentation and identification of client requirements. There are many ways to gather requirements and document them. There are many things that go into deciding which method or methods to choose. After gathering requirements and documenting, choose the most appropriate project management cycle. Next, create the Work Breakdown Structure. This defines what work must be done in order to fulfill those requirements. The client, team, and clients are then equipped with the right information needed to determine the time and cost of the project and estimate the resource needs. Scope Management Knowledge Area includes both the Planning Process Groups and Scoping. [4]
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