What Are The Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormones? (Solved)

The ASA ruled in 2017 against the ‘misleading’ promotion of cBHRT when a prescribing dermatherapy cosmetic clinic in Stratford upon Avon was reported 😊 This test case led to a ruling being passed that these clinics and prescribers of cBHRT should not claim greater safety and efficacy as there was no evidence from clinical trials for these products 🔥 The ASA also advised that there was insufficient evidence that multiple serum and saliva tests could be used to precisely individualise therapy 🙈 False securities can be promoted and it is important to avoid buying cBHRT products online. [1]
Bioidentical hormones can be synthesized (lab-created), hormones that are the same chemical composition as those your body naturally produces. This means that your body can synthesize bioidentical hormones. Body processes them the same way it processes your natural hormonesIt also removes these hormones from the body. Traditional hormone therapy made it hard for the body’s to eliminate excess hormones due to chemical differences in the natural and synthetic hormones. As a result, hormone levels “built up,” increasing the risk of serious side effects. Because bioidentical hormones are “recognized” as natural hormones, they’re excreted normally, avoiding the build-up that can cause problems.Like traditional HRT, therapy with bioidentical hormones can be very effective in treating an array of hormone-related issues. These five benefits are only a few of many. (last updated 80 days ago, Daryle Kerns, Nasiriyah in Iraq). [2]
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Get additional insight from It also illustrates how bioidentical hormonal hormones have been artificially created to be very similar to your own natural hormones. They replenish your hormone levels when they reach you. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, uses a variety of hormones, including testosterone, oestrogen, and progesterone. These hormones are responsible for a variety of bodily functions and a vast number of symptoms can occur when your body doesn’t produce enough of them. You can choose to have the artificial hormones you need made from premade drugs or your own custom-made. The traditional methods doctors use for administering BHRT are pills, creams and pellets. Last edited by Jontel Lyles, Goiania (Brazil) on 46/07/2018 [3]
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Many patients who have undergone hormone therapy report better symptom relief with bioidentical hormones than those using non-bioidentical ones. For example, one study found that 71.8% of women experienced better relief of their menopause symptoms—including night sweats, low libido, and brain fog—with bioidentical hormones than with traditional hormone replacement therapy. Participants also reported that the incidence of side effects which they rated as “severe” decreased by 20% when taking the bioidentical hormones in comparison to traditional hormones at the same dose. Bioidentical hormones can be tailored for every patient. This means that patients are less likely to receive an excessive dose and more of what they require. Sam Joiner was a great source of information. [4]
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Further reading is available at bodylogicmd.comBioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT), like all forms of hormone substitute therapy (HRT), is meant to replace hormones we’re have losing during menopause. The restoration of hormones lost can help us to relieve the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance. What makes BHRT different from traditional HRT, which uses synthetic hormones, is the quality and quantity of the hormones. These synthetic hormones can be mass produced in pre-determined strengths, and then sold to the public. BHRT on the other hands uses natural substitute hormones often derived from plants. They are chemically identical to natural hormones. Human body. Credit to Shuntel Montalvo, who pointed this out to us. [5]

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