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what are the biggest biker gangs?

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Many US 1%er club leaders were disbanded in the 1980s. They’re becoming less concerned with overt violence and instead focused their energies on lucrative criminal enterprise. As the clubs expanded, rivalries grew and biker violence became more prominent in other countries than the US. In 1984, an Australian chapter of the Bandidos (a Hell’s Angels enemy formed 1966) were embroiled in a gunfight with the local Comancheros – over control of drug trade – outside a bar in Sydney, leaving seven dead, including a 14-year-old bystander, and 21 people injured. In the mid-1990s, the Great Nordic Biker War raged throughout Scandinavia, fought between the Hell’s Angels and various local clubs (including a European chapter of the Bandidos), mainly over drug turf. The battle ended with twelve deaths and more than 70 injuries. Between the mid-nineties and early 2000s, the Quebec Biker War (once again between the Hell’s Angels and Roch Machine, later aligned with the Bandidos) left 150 people dead, and Canada again saw biker violence when 8 Bandidos were gunned down by their own on a farm outside of London, Ontario, Canada 😎 [1]
The’s 1960s seeing the aging and disillusioned rebelling among the World War 2 veteran youth who were seeking adrenaline rushes and camaraderie to go along with a structured hierarchy. Baby boomers were just getting the training wheels off their bikes and looking for something louder to play with. Some motorcycle lovers represented a lifestyle and image that they’re having never consciously desired, even though Life magazine and Hollywood would like us to believe otherwise. But this new breed of ‘outlaw motorcycle gangs’ wasn’t entirely new; it’s having having sowed its seeds in the forties but only truly blossomed fifteen years later. Tiajuana Donaldon, San Antonio (United States), last updated 3 weeks ago [2]
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Federal charges were filed against two Pagans members who allegedly beat a man that they believed was affiliated with Hells Angels. In March 2022, reports circulated that the Pagans gang had expanded its operations to New York City. However, 20 Pagans members were arrested and plead guilty to racketeering. In May 2022, seven were hurt in a Massachusets bicycler brawl that saw dozens of participants. It’s having taken place at one of the gangs’ clubhouses. Other incidents—like a 2015 gun battle involving hundreds of bikers at a restaurant in Waco, Texas, in which nine people were killed and 18 injured—are reminders that the gangs are both ruthless and here to stay. Pari Quick is sincerely thanked for her input. [3] It is also explained that there are many types of motorcycle clubs. Others are regionally based while others operate worldwide. While some are associated more with motorcycle crime than others, others have a lot of good, decent people who live a normal life and work. No matter what activities the members engage in, one thing unites them all: their passion for motorcycles and the open road. If you’ve ever wanted to know which motorcycle clubs are the biggest, the oldest, the baddest, or maybe just the most philanthropic, find out now as take a look at the top 20 motorcycle clubs in the world. We are grateful to Sherwood Vogel who shared this information with us. [4]

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