what are the court cards tarot?

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Psychologists have come up with many different ways of categorizing different personality types – think of the court cards as the tarot deck’s way of doing the same thing 🙈 In fact, the popular Myers-Briggs personality indicator defines 16 personality types, and it just so happens there are 16 court cards 🙌 Many people have linked up the tarot courts to Meyers-Briggs types, but we’re have wining’t go into that here! Consider that a card can help you to see how certain types of people or aspects of your personality are affecting your current situation 😉 [1]
The King of Wands is pure fire energy. The King of Wands is not as creative and imaginative as the Wands court card. He doesn’t have the same interest in inventing and creating ideas or implementing them. He is much more likely to think up an idea that can change the world. Because of this, he can be a leader to all sorts of people. He’s also visionary. When he’s having set himself a goal, it is a goal that he holds true to. Ensures that he can make it happen with the support of those around him. The King is the one people gravitate to because they trust him and know that he can get things done. His ability to convince others to work with him and to keep them in line is another strength. This is something we really value Shneur Gauthier (Asmara, Eritrea) for bringing to our attention. [2]
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Here are some more fun questions to ask:Who would be the total downer at a party?Who would be most likely to pull a “dine and dash”?When it comes to love, who would most likely be swayed by a pretty face?Who checks their car door several times to make sure its locked?Which two Court Cards would bicker endlessly?Who is the sexiest Court Card of the bunch?Who would most likely be a musician or artist?Which Queen is more likely to be pregnant?Why would the Knight of Pentacles get along well with the King of Cups?Why would the Page How does the Queen Of Swords react to the Queen Cups’s snarkiness? This was brought to our attention by Yarenis McHugh, Valledupar (Colombia). [3]
Taroticallyspeaking.com It is also mentioned that you may see several Court Cards in your readings. Sometimes, however, you might see a lot of Court Cards in my readings. This used to occur, especially when I was starting out, and I gottten quite confused. I wondered if I’d somehow, unknowingly, done something wrong. ?? Of course, that wasn’t the case. It used to make me feel a little weird. However, as time went by, and I gottten to know these cards a little bit more, I realized that it wasn’t a mistake, and that I need not worry. Last edited by Carmel Means, Changzhou (China) [4]

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