What Are The Kitchen Trends For 2020? [RESOLVED]

In this design for a house in Hudson, New York, by General Assembly, a single shelf has been used in place of wall-hung kitchen cabinets resulting in a relaxed and unfussy look πŸ‘ ‘We grouped a full-height pantry with the fridge to give us the possibility of removing upper storage,’ explains Colin Stief πŸ€“ The shelf was used to replace the cupboards and give the concrete backsplash an end point 😊 It also provides a visual break from the monochromatic design. It is crucial to have a well-curated display when using open kitchen storage. Designers may choose to display artwork on a single shelf rather than cooking items to raise the space. [1]
There are many elements to consider when planning a kitchen. You need to choose the layout that suits your needs and research the best splashbacks, worktops and appliances to make it a place you enjoy. It is important to consider kitchen trends when you are looking to increase your resale value. A unique kitchen may be a waste of money, and it will not attract others. A design that appeals to everyone and is on the current trend can attract buyers more than it repels. Last modified by Catelin Crouse, Bologna (Italy) 50 days ago [2]
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Housebeautiful.com We’re becoming braver in colourr, ranging from bold and adventurous tones to vibrantly bright hues. Ian Penney, Business Unit Director for Room Solutions at Homebase, elaborates: ‘There will be lots of earthy tones as we continue to appreciate the great outdoors, but also bright colors such as teals and vibrant accents like copper or gold handles for an optimistic burst of colourr We’ve introduced new cabinet colors into our on-trend collection of contemporary House Beautiful kitchens. These kitchens were designed and constructed right here in Britain. They are stylish and sophisticated with smart finishing touches. It is possible to find the perfect kitchen for you, whether your Pinterest dream has become a reality or not. Charlotte Taylor (La Laguna, Mexico) added the following edits on May 14, 20,21 [3]
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Further reading is available at livingetc.com, β€˜We wanted to make the wall with the main range cooker a feature. The clients wanted to keep the range cooker wall open, free from wall cabinets, yet they wanted the design to be eye-catching, β€˜ explains Liane Burrett, senior designer at Roundhouse who designed the kitchen. β€˜ Initially, we designed a bespoke stainless-steel extractor to stand alone on the main wall, but this felt too industrial and heavy. Next, we explored the possibility of using marble effect tiles to clad the wall. This made the design too busy and traditional. The final kitchen featured a copper mirror splashback designed to reflect the light in the space, and a floating shelf to beautifully showcase the owner’s vases and decorative items.’ (emended by Michelle J. Ezhou, China. June 11, 2020. [4]
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