What Are The Most Popular Window Treatments? [SOLVED]

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There are many options available to suit your style, from elegant velvet draperies to trendy solar shades. When shopping for window treatments, there are more than aesthetics. Functionality, price, and the type of room are all important. Rachel Hyslop (director of channel marketing Springs Window Fashions shares the most popular treatments that consumers buy today. This includes Graber customers, who are one of Graber’s top brands for residential window treatment, with a focus on custom design and installation. When considering the reasons why certain treatments are topping the charts, Hyslop says locale and weather are major factors in decision-making—and that they should also factor into your own treatment choices. Ruby Wooten (Kerman, Iran) for this information. [2]
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Marcotte suggests that consumers consider matchstick or woven blinds as organic and textural options. “These are lovely alone with or without lining (depending on privacy needs), but you could also have a layer of drapes over the top, as well.” She adds that neutral linen drapes are timeless. “They’re classic and can be decorated around over the years and have a more calming effect.” Another option for your window treatments is sheers. “They come in a variety of subtle patterns now and are not your ‘grandma’s sheers.’ They can be stylish and still allow light in, where privacy and blackout are not necessary,” Marcotte says. Mister Beyer (Pingxiang Jiangxi in China), last revised this 56 days ago [3]
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These two elements will not go out of fashion: Privacy and light control. The trend is shifting to minimalist, understated windows. The cornice is becoming a simple, sleek design and not as elaborate as the valances. If you’re concerned about selecting new window treatment only to have them go out of style in a few years, consider ditching the hottest trends of the moment and going with a simple, enduring classic. Neutral tones for cellular shades, natural wood Blinds and shutters are two styles that have been popular for many years. Solid colourr draperies made from simple fabrics and blinds are another. Last edited by Braedenchadwick, Jiddah (Saudi Arabia), 86 days ago [4]

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