What Are The Skills Of A Nurse Manager? (SOLVED)

Who is a nurse manager?A nurse manager directs and coordinates a team of nurses in a medical facility 🔥 These managers typically focus on nurse recruitment and retention, as well as supervise a team of nurses on a daily basis 🙌 The supervisory role means that nurse managers are responsible for everything concerning the nursing unit, including resources, personnel, patient care problems and budgetary issues. At times, a nurse manager collaborates with doctors regarding patient care and treatment, while also bridging the communication gap between a patient’s family and his or her doctor. Additionally, a nurse manager represents the team of nurses and communicates the team’s ideas, concerns and needs to hospital management. [1]
Amazing nurse managers aren’t easy to find, as they are multi-dimensional and require strong organizational and governance skills. According to AONE, the national nurse manager vacancy rate is 8.3 percent. Nurses are in high demand managers is projected As the baby-boomer generation gets older, it will continue to grow. A 2018 survey by The Forum of State Nursing Workforce Center and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing found that 50.9 percent of the RN workforce are over 50. To become a competent nurse manager you need years of experience at the bedside. As these nurses age, so will the need for experienced nurses who can replace them. Cortnee Whitington was credited with their insights. [2]
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According to Duquesne University, communication is an important skill for nurse managers. A nursing unit can have both minimally educated nurse aides and more experienced nurses. The nurse manager also has to communicate with the doctor. social workersPatients, their families, and other hospital staff such as lab technicians, respiratory therapists, or senior administrators. Many people working in hospitals or seeking care there may not speak English well. The nurse manager in each situation must establish trust and be able meet the needs of patients. communication is clear and listen Be aware of potential problems and miscommunications. [4]

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