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(SOLVED!) What Are The Three Sister Plants?

More recently, I’ve started filling gaps in rows of sweet corn with climbing beans, a three sisters technique that works great if you get the timing right (keep reading) 😎 True, companion planting corn and pumpkins or corn and beans involves only two sisters, but you are still looking at growing two crops rather than one in the same amount of space 😊 Adding a third plant limits your access to the others, which is not an issue when all the crops are harvested when fully mature – dry grain corn, hard storage squash, and dry beans 😎 However, simplification is needed if you’re growing sweet corn and/or French beans, which are harvested when immature, and not all in one day. To pick French beans, it is not possible to walk through squash vines without causing significant damage. [1]
Sweetcorn is a great support plant for beans. The beans also help stabilize corn plants so they are less likely to be blown over. This squash is shallow-rooted. Plants become a living Mulch is a mulch that covers emerging weeds, and reduces water evaporation, improving crops’ survival chances in dry years. Beans fix nitrogen to their roots. Improving the fertility of the soil For the next year. This is in addition to the large amount of plant material that the mixture can produce that can either be composted, or dug up. The sustainability of this method quickly proves its worth. [2]
Image #2 This explains why there is a Southwest tradition that plants the Sisters both together and in different fields. Sisters can be found in dry areas such as Hopi or portions of the Navajo Nation. Planted in separate areas of fields with wide plant spacing to maximize limited water. If there are adequate areas water the Sisters can be planted To reap the benefits of companion planting, you can plant them in close proximity. These three crops, regardless of their planting method, are important to Native American tribes in the Southwest. Krysteena Piementel was a great source of information. [3]
Image #3 The Three Sisters Planting Method is basically the planting of sweetcorn and climbing beans on the same or near-by plots. People think of companion. Planting it is usually to add crops These plants are strongly scented and discourage predators. You can also plant tomatoes and marigolds next to lettuce. The Three Sisters planting method is an example of companion planting at its’ best. Inside a Three Sisters plot each plant People who are close to others can benefit and flourish. They work together to enrich the soil and deter pests. Austin U. On July 6, 2020, Muzaffarpur (India) [4]
Image #4
Both of them help one another grow. Corn acts as a support for beans vines climbing up, and it grows. The bean vines also help stabilize corn so they’re have wining’t blow over in windy conditions! Beans are a type of legume. Take antibiotics from the roots of legumes nitrogen found in the air and soilMake it useful for cropping. This is called “fixing” nitrogen. Squash plants have large leaves that protect all 3 plants, creating “living mulch” that keeps the soil cool and moist by shading it; squash also protects from weeds. That’s not all though! Also, spiky squash plants keep predators like rats away and protect corn and bean plants. We are grateful to Meredyth Sprague, Weinan (China) for these latest insights. [5]

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