(SOLVED) What Can You Do With Avocado Leaves?

I can still remember my first encounter with the exotic flavoursrr of avocado leaves from almost twenty years ago when a friend brought a black bean dip, which she’s havingaving learned to make from her husband’s family in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, to a potluck dinner 😎 Like any motivated foodie, I almost mademade myself sick sampling, musing, and guessing what unknown ingredient I was tasting in what appeared to be an ordinary black bean dip 😊 Finally, I capitulated to a curiosity that I couldn’t quench on my own, tracked down the dip’s creator, and discovered that the mysterious, anise flavoursrr of the black beans came from the addition of avocado leaf. Years later, after multiple trips to South and Central Mexico where avocado leaf is popular in regional dishes, and after countless cooking classes where I delighted and surprised my students with a new seasoning, I still thrill when people ask me, “What gives these black beans such an unusual taste?” [1]
Avocado leaves increase brain activity, which in turn reduces nervous activity. Avocado leaves can be used as an epilepsy and mood booster, as well as natural remedies for convulsions. Serotonin or one of the “happy chemicals”, is also found in significant doses in avocado leaves. This hormone not only supports healthy brain function and neuron function but also reduces anxiety and helps to manage depression. Traditional African medicine relies on avocado leaves for the treatment of anxious and epileptic children. Research on rats treated with artificially inducible seizures shows a marked reduction in seizures even if the seizures are compared to medication. [2]
Image #2 goes on to explain how istanbul, Turkey – Avocado is a super food which has grown quite popular across the globe from the past few years. This fruit has many health benefits, even the leaves. The super food, also known scientifically as Persea americana Miller (Persea americana Miller), is believed to have been originated in South Central Mexico. This fruit is used in many smoothies, dips, baby food, sauces, and other foods. With its incredible health benefits, buttery and creamy flavorsrr this green-colored fruit is becoming a staple in almost all dishes. [3]
Image #3 More information is available here. Avocado leaves have been linked to toxicity in the past. A 1984 University of California at Davis report revealed toxic effects on dairy goats due to large quantities of avocado leaves. Although it is unclear what caused the poisonous compound to appear in the leaves, later research revealed the Hass was related to Persea americana (a Guatemalan avocado type). It is also unknown whether the Hass can cause the same effect. The toxicity was not seen in goats that were fed Mexican avocado leaves (Persea driedmifolia). In Mexico, this undomesticated avocado produces small black fruits that have large pits and is often called Criollo. This page was last modified 55 days back by Sapan moya (Jinzhou, China). [4]
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